sufjans up!

if i were gay, i’ll grab him and keep for safe keeping and sing lullabies for me to sleep.

but since i am not, i’ll just keep listening to his songs and let me to sleep.

i’ve never stepped on illinois, or the us for that matter, but listening to his lyrics somehow injects this identity or nationalistic pride that relates to the state. his songs reminds me of those 80s nationalistic songs as done by jeremy monteiro. remember those songs, where everyone actually can sing along and join in the chorus? unlike now where they implement an idol *hic* to stretch his vocals and copyright some dance moves in order to somehow invorgrate nationalistic pride to everyone.

no wonder more singaporeans are leaving the country.

oh dear, i hope i didn’t instigate any controversy and sparked the sediation act to smack into my face. or the copyright thing. alamak mati like this.

by now everyone (if they bother and have plenty of time and like to just stare at a monitor and do nothing), would have known the story of those 2 people who got charged in court.

now i know for sure hong lim park is quite inaccessible for me to whisper something, so where will this event lead me to? can i use the telegram? how about pigeon mails? what if i write my text in cryptologic manner? better still, i should just tie my messages around an ole oak tree or something. easier, kan? talk about killing 2 birds with multiple stones. problem is i think ribbons are expensive and now vair hard lah to find that tree, if it exists here anyway.

i recall back at those targetted blogs/sites and i do realise that most of the comments are being tagged by malays. now since i am someone who likes to try *alternative* ways (like holistic lah), will i be charged too if i condemned my own race? eh wait, like that everyone will become sedated. alamak mati nanti.

hmmmm..maybe i can try that and create a scene at geylang serai next month.

wish me luck!

&^$%#^ ^#&#^#^!!!^!&$&$&*


3 thoughts on “sufjans up!

  1. ouw sarip, u cool lah! i love ur blog!
    sungguh tak kental.
    aniwae, dos blogs memeng pon targetted at us, der was once dey called us rodents!! hah!!! and even ader idong bawang untok panggil itu site second holacaust!! grrr.
    aniwae.. love ur blog

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