hip hip hooray

H to the izz-O,
V to the izz-A,
Fo’ shizzle my nizzle,
he’s gonna play in Suntek CT aye?


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imma having fever since last weekend. strange fever this is, not as severe as my *normal* fever, but definately this is the longest. it has not died down yet and it’s freaking me out.

because of the condition, this doc did not give me the normal Paracetamol, but this muscle relaxant thingy wingy. i was, “yo! wassup wif da pill?!”

but the nurse forced me to live it up. so i swallowed. twice. and the next thing i can see are tinkerbells and hummingbirds flying beside me. man, this is almost as good as the morphine i received a few years back.

and i’ve been popping this thing for the past few days, for every four hours.


but don’t misunderstand. yes, i am a mat and mats always have a thing for freaky fetishes. i don’t know why. other than chandu, i figured most of the intoxicants here in singapore are started out by mats. glue lah, ganja lah, and now this subutex. they’re very innovative to get a kick when no one suspects of the item beforehand. hell, the might even drink petrol if the dire kicks in.

no one predicted subutex to be very class a until the mats make it very big recently. but as i say, mats being the ever innovative, they might stamp on these muscle relaxants as the new substance before anybody notices it. just, a reminder.



hit him for all you want, sarip does not care.

he has been converted. for the better or worse, he won’t know.

it took him time and lots of self humility and the burst of a huge ego to finally settle on the ark.

the ark that is singapore idol. not in a sarcastic way as what sarip normally loves to do, but in a very entertaining perspective.

and believe him, he really wants joakim to win. he really does. yes, he really fuckin’ does.


who cares about the voice? when was the last time you really love a song with a beautiful voice? ziana zain does not count here. each time sarip’s dad turns on his karaoke and played ziana’s songs, sarip goes bonkers. simply because 90% of her singing will consist of utter screaming. yes, screaming, but the people lapped it up because they figured out loud voices that increases too 1000 decibels is related to be a good singing voice. no sirree here according to sarip. this millenia, we don’t care about the quality of the voice. we want honesty. yes, honesty. even if you cannot sing well, the least you can do is to try. not some obnoxious singer who knows that their pitch can make a fork bend. the population had moved on from there.

so i want joakim to win. yes. if snakes can take over a plane, joakim can take over the plain.

Ralat Dolat

Dari Berrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrita Harian nye lelaman lah.


DALAM laporan bertajuk ‘Lima sebab Chelsea akan terus berkuasa’ di halaman Sukan pada 5 Ogos lalu, dinyatakan bahawa tiada pasukan yang pernah menjuarai EPL sebanyak tiga kali berturut-turut.

Sebenarnya Manchester United pernah menjadi juara tiga kali berturut-turut pada 1999, 2000 dan 2001.

Dalam halaman Sukan pada 8 Ogos pula, terdapat kesilapan pada tajuk berita ‘Button menang di Hougang’. Tajuk yang betul seharusnya berbunyi ‘Button menang di Hungary’.

Kami meminta maaf di atas kesilapan itu.

destak destuk. it is so bad, it’s good! macam snakes on the plane!

thats right! it’s snakes on the muthafuckin’ plane!

use code 10 from now onwards

remember, the next time you fly on the plane please dehydrate yourself and remove any volume of hair gel from yourself or else you’ll be deemed as a terrorist.

in other news, ‘Tony Blair was warned 48 hours before the public that Britain faced a massive terrorist threat – but still flew off on holiday only hours later’ – The Daily Mirror.

but who cares about world politicks? crouch scored! that’s a miracle in my book.

and back to the notes then…

middle yeast

has not the israel government realised, that the majority of the population in the southern part of lebanon consists mainly of christians, and not the targetted nasrallah’s men?

maybe they’re looking for mel gibson’s remaining bootleg copies of the passion.

or maybe they’re trying to locate this illustrator. birdbrain officials sometimes cannot take a joke for a piss.

if you think shoulder pads or singing contests are over rated, let me suggest that *terrorism* is the muther of all.

someone should send the 4 million smiles commitee to the middle east.

or sending joakim gomez as the sacrificial lamb. just because.

maybe, that’ll end all, peace all.


and please no, stop sending smses and chain mails that consists of doa this and doa that is kind of irritating. worst, the message always ends with “please send this to 5 more people or else something big like the end of the world is gonna to happen”. if you wanna give a doa, just give it out. these are doas we are talking about, not amway by-products.

Hougang Buttoned

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Hougang Buttoned, originally uploaded by kampungdusun.

just when you thought you’ve seen everything from BH, this happened. haha!

button menang di hougang!

i don’t know how the reporter can relate hungary with hougang. dyslexic the reporter maybe not, how could it be? 2 syllabus against 3! possibly the reporter / editor says out his/her words while typing.”hhuuuuuuuuuwwwgang.” – sort of like a shortcut method, i reckon.

now the singabore authorities need not look further if they were to organise an f1 event here on this island. scrap the idea of having the race along the city area, do it here – at hougang! it’ll be the *next* monte carlo circuit, YAY!

simi ow gang kia?!
bo lei, wo hungary!
lanciau ni hungry?!



wonderful piece of an interview of one of my heroes.