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hypocrisy at its best


More religious hypocrisy. How do people expect to find spiritual propitiation while eating chocolate truffles in a gilded bathtub in their 3600 sq meter hotel suite? More info on the super hotel.

I shall dwell no further on the essential beauty and richness of the Hajj because these can be understood properly only when one experiences them personally during the course of the pilgrimage. This much, however, I will certainly say that when, by the Grace of God, you may decide to undertake the pilgrimage, concentrate more on preparing yourself inwardly and spiritually for it than on anything else. Sadly enough, people bestow the greatest thought on the material comforts of the journey, they even want to take with them such trivial articles as salt, pepper and pickles and to equip themselves with as many as ten suits of clothes ; they get occupied with these preparations for months in advance but do nothing by way of making themselves fit spiritually for the great occasion. The result is that they gain nothing from it and come back as they had gone. It is not that a pilgrim is not allowed to furnish himself with material necessities before he sets out for the pilgrimage – within a proper limit, it is essential to do so – but these things do not make the real equipment for the Hajj. The real equipment lies in getting oneself ready with all the information needed for the carrying out of the duty and in the acquirement of the inner fitness which enables one to receive the rich spiritual benefits accruing from it. An important part of the endeavour to establish Hajj must be to create in the people’s minds an awareness of this fact. Without it, the Hajj will remain a soulless form and an empty ceremony.

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seri menanti: daulat tuanku! what it means.

LET’S make one thing very clear: the cry “Daulat Tuanku” is, if uttered, meant to affirm the sacred power of the king or sultan of the day in a ceremony, or to pledge allegiance.

Let us make another thing very clear here: The system of rulers in this country reaffirms the fact that Malaysia has a long history of Malay sultanate governance, even after the peninsula was colonised by European powers.

I, and other loyal subjects of the sultans, will utter “Daulat Tuanku” at ceremonies to recognise the ruling sultan, but not when the sultans are in non-ceremonious situations, like in a private moment.

For example, I have great respect for my ruler, but I will not utter “Daulat Tuanku” every time we engage in a conversation. All you have to do is to sembah (place your palms together, raise your hands to touch the forehead as a sign of respect) only when you first meet.

I was in Montevideo, Uruguay, earlier this year. Before the presidential dinner to honour our King (the Yang di-Pertuan Agong), I, fully dressed in my best suit, was standing in line along with many foreigners waiting to be introduced. When it came to my turn, I made the sembah and I did it because I respect and honour our system of monarchy (for example, I may not like the King but I do it because it is dictated by proper protocol).

Others, one or three Malaysians in the line-up, did not do so, but they were not breaking protocol because they didn’t know any better.

Being a Malay, I performed my sembah simply because I consciously recognised the fact that I needed to do so.

Malays who discard the essence of being Malay in this country, such as questioning the nature of the Malay monarchy system, are to me just “Malays-ready-to-be-dominated-people-again” in the making.

Perhaps, as I see it, like the Malays in Singapore?

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hari raya – orang melayu keliru?

tu lah, asik asik nak buang barang. skarang nak cari itu artikel dari berita minggu kang tak dapat jumpa. nasib baik ada sidini ada interpret kan. cyberita nye portal memang tak bleh diharap.

dan seterusnya, artikel dari encik zulkifli mohd sa’ad petikan dari Berita Minggu, Spektra Minda pada 27 September 2009.

Mungkin ada yang akan marah apabila membaca rencana saya ini. Namun, yang benar itu selalunya pahit.

Biar saya mulakan denga satu pertanyaan : Adakah Hari Raya Aidilfitri merupakan hari kebesaran orang Melayu atau hari kebesaran umat Islam?

Kita selalu denga bahawa Hari Raya adalah hari untuk memuji kebesaran Allah. Namun, tafsirannya akan meleret kepada perkara-perkara yang lain.

Mari kita sama-sama kupas satu persatu.

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