ping pong playa

this is odd. i’m really glad that ‘pool lost this morning. for what it matters, ending bottom of the group and (hopefully) getting kick out from europe altogether is the best thing to occur thus! leaving ample time and energy to concentrate the domestic league. please!

+ sarip’s favouritest song of the year has been pimped up. this version is super fabber!

+ now who will ever predicted this but robert downey jr as a supahero? not concerned much ’bout the movie but the trailer is mak datok best pasal ada lagu iron man kugiran cik ozzy.

+ and also, i am legend looks like a show when a pursuit of happyness had an illicit affair with 28 days later what with the empty streets of n.y. still, the will ripples with muscles.

+ talking about a pursuit of happyness, my forever qualms of being the richest mat in the kampung has always met variable success. aparently so. but! this article is a good read to. start. all. over. again.

In summation, don’t fall for the schemes or simply try to “look” rich. You can obtain tangible wealth, but it usually requires work, a respect of money, and time. That is what most millionaires do; need I say more.

+ what’s wrong with food nowdays? fried mars lah, fried coke lah and now ramen with ice cream! holy cow! the sight itself can make me puke a gajillion times.

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+ anyway, it’s been fun! fun! fun! during this one week of holidays. no students mean no menyenyeh left right top bottom (!?). and apa lagi, it’s fun and games satu minggu all! kalaulah macam gini all the way, makan ular and everything…


dei, mumbai daa..indiiaaa..

there’s been some good commercials lately on local tv.

this one just reminds us of gwen doing his impersonation, if you get the drift. there is another one by the national health board (i think) that has the uncle yapping ‘later later’ which brought a few smiles. good stuff.

anyways, this device really made me wanting to keep cats again. my previous cats tend to do their business in the most inappropriate of places (like the back of the wardrobe and below the washing machine) . just fyi.

pulau perhentian kechil


I fell in love with you no matter what you say
But you were right about the reasons
To turn a magdeline into the month of may
I shoulda known the magdeline was me

– Patterns of Fairytale // The National

*update 🙂

ever since last i read is’ post a few years back, sarip had always wanted to visit this island.

and, finally it did.

to sum it up, it was the best trip sarip had so far, not lest considering he travels that much anyway. but yeah, it’s better than phi phi nonetheless.

the corals were beautiful, the fishes were friendly :), the company was great and the food was outstanding. however, and not trying to stoke messian’s sentiments, sarip’s a bit sad, mad even, at the locals for not trying to conserve their beach. rubbish were strewn everywhere and sadly the sand is not as whitish as before. dah melayu, melayu jugak. unlike the revellers in pha ngan where they’ll pick up the rubbish the morning after, most just dumped theirs into the sand. how blardeykedemak sey.

word of notice big big: go there soon before the whole beach is destroyed.

and for those who wants to go, here are some guides:-

we took the train from j.b. and head to the town of tanah merah. trains will leave at 730pm and will reach t.m. around 8ish. ouch. be prepared to not be able to sleep, as for reasons unknown the lights are turned on full blast all the way. and mat skodings are not included.

once at tanah merah, take a cab to the port of kuala besut. journey will take 45 mins and will cost 45-50 rm. once there book a speedboat which will leave around 1030am. DO book a return speedboat ticket for 60 rm. people are known to be stranded for a period of time because they did not buy the reurn boat ticket. (case in mind: the speedboat is the antithesis of miami vice. your bum won’t stay attached to the seat every 5 secs.) betul, tak bedek. tell the wak boat to drop you off at long beach where the boat taxi will take you for 2 rm.

the island is notorious for its unpredictability, especially in transportation returning back to the mainland. if the waves are not treacherous, the boat taxi will transport you to the speedboat from long beach, but if not you have to trek for 20 mins to the other side of the island (coral bay). the boat will leave at 800am. god knows when the next boat will pick you up.

if possible, book a ticket to return back to k.l. or kota bahru on the mainland before proceeding to perhentian. we took a bus back to k.l. (30 rm) and buses only leaves at 900am AND 830 pm. sheesh.

the island does not take any advanced booking. the only ones that take are the bubu island resort but it’ll cost a bomb. not. very. worth. it. some recommended stays are moonlight (rm 100), lily chalets (rm 120 w/h aircon), matahari (rm 50). we settled for panorama chalets (rm 75). quiet, cosy cottages, sitted on top of a hill. very nice.

there are new developments currently undergoing on the island. :< coral bay is expanding, and the rajawali chalets overlooking the south china sea looks macam bayekk.

food and drinks
shockingly, the famous trengganu nasi lemak is not available here. how dare! and interestingly, not many local dishes either. food places are here and about, but we spent our whole eating indulges at amin’s cafe, tucked in the last corner of the eateries rows. you won’t miss it. do try the snickers shake (rm 5.50) sarip grew wiiiider indulging on that. 🙂 and do take their dinner set (rm 15). the barracuda is teh werkz!

and surprisingly being in the state of trengganu, alchohol is served widely. IF you dare, try the local poison, the orang hutan. just be prepared wat happens next the morning after. 🙂

snorkelling and diving trips are made abundant around the island. 5 snorkelling points for a half day trip will cost you 50 rm, inclusive of the gear. and trust sarip, it is very nice. unfortunately, everyone saw sharks except for this one. :<

now, sarip’s itching for lombok and sipadan. 🙂

some pixs here.

lemonade and baking pies

the best band at the moment will be releasing the new album “boxer” on may 22. read from somewhere that sufjan stevens will guest on pianos on 2 of the tracks. how stoked is that?!

i am still trying to convince matt and gang that singapore has its fans after last email conversation. aidal pun aidal lah, asalkan diaorang datang sini and kita jadi groupie lagi…

“…if they aren’t already, the national are your new favorite band. this isn’t a suggestion, just a statement of fact.”

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the following takes place on broadband

hello kids!

are you a busy one? working 9 to 9? no time to rilek? no time to watch tv? always arguing with your family members because you want to watch cnn but the bahrum insists watch ing rtm1 and then keep complaining why messia ________________?

not to worry! the intuhnet has 3 quick ways to watch tv for FREE! for FREE!

eat that mediacork!

now let’s return watching jack bauer defying everything in sight.