“When we invest, we are investing for 10, 15, 20 years. You may look as if you are making a big loss today, but you have not borrowed money to invest. You will ride the storm, the company recovers, your shares go up.” – Lee Kuan Yew, Feb 2009 – via

oh how times have changed! so much for riding the storm. guess we are not good riders, aren’t we?

now dear dear oh dreary CPF, i do have a question. you’ve used OUR money to invest, divest, whatever vest and most likely you’ll increase our withdrawal age limit and most probably put in extra instances for minimum sum, will you give me my money back if i let go of my singaporean citizenship? i do have plans to move out of the country you see, because i don’t have much trust or believe in administrators whose running this conglomerate institution who actually intend to downsize a lot and outsource a lot and then blaming its own citizens not caring enough for themselves because they are picky in choosing jobs.


not a happy camper

SINGAPORE: Overcrowding at Singapore’s beaches has led to the National Parks Board (NParks) introducing a new permit system.

NParks says the number of campers have doubled in the past few years, hitting some 12,000 last year.

And to control the numbers at the beaches at Changi, East Coast, Pasir Ris, Sembawang and West Coast, campers will have to apply for a permit from mid—April onwards.

NParks says reducing the number of campers means more space can be freed up for others. – Source.

let me repeat that sentence again. NParks says reducing the number of campers means more space can be freed up for others. so nparks, does it mean you want to clear space so that you can have more space for more people to camp? apa motive ni?

seriously, what the fuck lah dei?!


So there’s my point of view. I don’t know who’s going to bother reading it. Sometimes I feel sad – it’s never easy moving to a different country – and sometimes I miss Singapore, which I know deep inside has so much potential. Singapore has so much talent, and so much to offer. But it is heading in the wrong direction: it’s turning into a materialistic, bigoted, regressive society where individuals are not valued. Where people don’t dare to be different, and don’t want to think for themselves. commenter on sg.

aptly said, what i can’t put in words. and each day i’m awake, i do intend. the grass may not be greener on the other side, but at least you can do whatever you want with that grass.


ok before the green thing takes place, i am stunned.


*doing the morbid fan screaming and fainting mode*

losing faith

was reading with interest on the case involving mediacorp battling with astro asia networks over its logo in high court today. question is: why now? the weird thing is astro’s logo looks so much diff when compared to cna’s when in actual fact cna’s looks way similar to that of adobe’s. no?


seriously? the first time sarip saw cna’s logo way back in ’99, sarip thought cna had flipped adobe’s logo 180 degrees. the nerve! at least astro’s logo has the effort of putting swirls in it!

anyway, there was a report today reporting on singabore’s dubious promotion to number 10 in the world’s costliest cities ranking. and lo and behold, instead of reporting the concerns of its citizens, the 2 hosts on prime time morning singapore were more concerned on how this status will affect foreigners’ sentiment of making business here. *fair enough – they do provide business to this country and yadda yadda yadda.* but the blatant straight remark on the foreigners’ sentiment as its main priority and not to reflect on its own citizens first just shows how this place is more concerned on what others will think of us and not how we feel about everything that is going to affect us here.

it hurts sarip so. does sarip’s sentiment and others who have been living here all their lives matter less than what foreigners will think?


by the way, who wants to bet with sarip that after yesterday’s “trouncing” of real madrid, liverpool will choke at old trafford and lose its match against united (finally i will my respects to sir alex ferguson but not to its “fans” yet who somehow went missing in ’05 & ’06)?

***ooops. (if only pool can play against “top” oppositions each week. they seem to only do well against teams whose arrogance frequently sits on the stratosphere.)

thank you for smoking


a recent study says that third hand smoke – smoke that clings to clothes, hair, carpeting and furniture – is the new “threat”, especially so if done indoors and “highly likely to affect the occupants within the house, especially children.” via breath spa for kids,

Also publishing in 2004, Prof. Matt of San Diego University and his colleagues reported on astudy that found that tobacco by-products were trapped in household dust, carpets, ceiling tiles, soft furnishings etc. and therefore increased children’s exposure. These smoking by-products can have a legacy for several months after smoking occurred. 

Even in homes where the parents smoke outside, the levels of tobacco contaminants were up to 7x greater than in homes where neither parent smokes. In homes where the adults smoke inside, the tobacco toxicity levels are up to 8x greater than in homes where parents smoke outside. 

The researchers argue that children are more vulnerable to inhaling this type of third-hand smoke because they:

  • spend more time indoors
  • are in close physical contact with the smoker (e.g., cuddling, changing)
  • breathe more frequently than adults
  • may swallow contaminated items.

well, sarip didn’t know that. wait a sec, all the elders did not know that. and as far as it seems, a lot of kids in the yesteryears turn out fine, don’t they? we rarely hear cases of children getting sick easily, or even if they do, their immune system seems to be fighting against the illness. the obsesiveness of being clean, is to what sarip suspects, the root cause of all of these “new” infections, where the children are so used to be in a clean environment, thus they cannot adapt fast to a “dirtier” place. were there major cases of hfmd, or kawasaki disease during your childhood period? the only kawasaki sarip remembered were those racing bikes he saw on the roads.

but back to the subject of smoking. sarip finds the new rulings to be ridiculously, stupit. not because of “smokers-are-to-smoke-5-metres-away-from-any-entrences-or-exits”, BUT because of this stupid concensus that cigarettes are still available here. he does not get it. fine, you can show to all the effects on the health for smokers and those who are closed to them. but how is this still feasible enough when you still sell us these things? as far as sarip can remember, the ruling for the sales ban of chewing gums came out fast and swift and within a few days all shops were prohibited of selling the item. if the health authorities are so concerned on the health of its citizens, why don’t they do the same as what was implemented for chewing gums instead of putting out more rules each year? are they more concerned for understanding the plight of smokers that it is a hard habit to beat or the fact that they know that smoking is an addictive habit and smokers will do whatever it means to get their fix, no matter how expensive the items may cost and in lieu of that, “they” can profit more from this very lucrative business?

money talks, don’t they? do the math, it’ll cost probably $0.10 to produce a stick and retail price is probably $0.55 a stick. 

and this is the main reason why sarip quitted smoking (so far). not because of the health issues, but more against “them”. he’s going on a strike and he wants others to realise too where their money is going to. let’s hit ’em where it’ll hurts most and we’ll see if the price of the cigarettes will drop drastically or the cigarettes will be totally extinct here if the number of smokers are significantly reduced. remember your supply and demand lessons?

let’s see and wait. and be strong. it is achievable.


question: is it just me or are the escalators at the mrt stations putting on a strike ala the bangkok riots? novena, hougang, amk! 3 “spoilt” escalators on the same day? my, oh my.

but what the hell, sigur ros’ festival is one hell of a kicking-feeling-mengfeeling-syiok-sendiri-jerawat-sampai-bleh-pecah-type of orgasm. really.

but what is more tantalizing is the fact that this guy is performing again this monday. I REPEAT. THIS FUCKEN MONDAY.


NAHBEH. really lah, sarip’s pocketful of money no more soon.

but it’s JENS ANAK WAK LEKMAN playing woik! the one yang you sanggup gi sorang sorang gi KL then balik with a group of people who sarip felt he macam bikin suasana yang tegang for them.


man on wire

It’s impossible, that’s sure. So let’s start working.

looks solid. webby.

oh, and…


if the ‘C’ disappeared, will the ‘SDP’ stake a claim? this brings to a whole new argument for sarip. if the gahmen is so adamant to pressure its citizens to stop smoking, why don’t they just ban it, like totally? oh we forget. tobacco does bring in biiiiiiiiiiig bucks….yes?


via sarip’s favrit blogguh.