Eff Wan 2009


feets are sore-h! next time, we’ll just sit yeah? 🙂 more pixs here.


the sweet silver song of a lark


3 days of scouring, shouting, screaming, singing…somehow, this visit is more emotional compared to 2001’s. thank technology for that, probably.

for me, the highlight was indefinitely singing ynwa on the banks of the river right in front of them. well, xavi and carra, specifically. (if only there was finnan. oh how we missed the irish lad.) carra was stumped, xavi actually managed a smile and waves, kuyt was actually amiable and sammy lee, bless him, was sporting as always. even rafa acknowledged he found the singing along the river was very, erm, emotional. no kidding. except for the fucking irritating cavern emcee who keeps on and on egoing himself. idiot.

as for the match, it was justifiable. only the section that we were sitting were motionless most of the time. i swear i can hear a pin drop in most parts of the 1st half. no singing, no cheering, just sitting and mumbles. luckily it did pick up a bit in the 2nd half.

and words of advice to noh alam shah and indra shahdan: dont be a fucken prima donna. you shld be glad yourselves that you are actually playing against one of the top teams in the world. of course you shld know who the people are rooting for. BODOH NYE MAMATS.

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Penang / KL 2009


terima kasih budget airlines! 🙂 kalau tak, tak larat gue mau ke penang, walaupun dah lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa skali tak gi sana. kita orang dua dua pun last minit lah cadang nak gi sana walaupun untuk satu setengah hari ajer. tau takper.

cun cun time pergi pun ada jugaklah dia nye festiviti untuk ulang tahun pertama georgetown dapat gelaran unesco world heritage site. glamor tuh. upscale tuh. lebih lebih lagi nyt ada bikin ulasan penang destinasi nombor kedua untuk dilawati untuk tahun 2009. amboi, tak agak agak nak up.

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good friday is my favourite holiday


ain starting the bouldering @ yishun safra. legend has it that climbing can tone your body. and so sarip begins his journey. but not without pains on his toes and joints! and smelly shoes is not the way to begin the futile journey to slimming sanctuary. but he has to. his lost pants are the testimony of the (current) losing battle.


so much for the healthy living and eat in moderation. but we guessed lots of veggies and tender meat are good for the body. or so we thought. but quite frankly, sarip thinks eatzi’s steak is not as good as it seemed to be. 😦 so much for the brouhaha.


lps was attacked by the lfians. speaking of lps, try as much to avoid stall num 9. trust sarip on this.


on a sidenote, for as long as sarip can remember, ang mo kio is a very pathetic place in case you want to find good (halal) eating places. most of the good ones are gone, and it seems people can only head to banquet to eat, which is sad because sarip doesnt like banquet that much either. it feels so “franchisey”. heh.

well thank goodness, there’s charcos. even though its stucked in one other end of amk. even though its been there for some time and it is only now that sarip is raving about it. but the food’s good. the prices are best! and the setting is very relaks jek. the salads are bountiful tak lokek nye type (blessings to the owner!), ribs are tenderly cooked and the portugese chicken makes me want to go to porto and do the portobello. ok no relations. but its damn good considering the price, which is so unlike other *atas* eateries who wants to justify its prices by proclaiming its *better* quality dishes, are better. sadly, most times that ain’t true.

ok dah.

super size me


i think i’ve gained about 12 kilos since the past year. *gulps*

i’m on an eating binge and i can’t stop. and truth be known, my metabolism rate has gone SIGNIFICANTLY down eversince i hit the 3-0. sheet. i’m THIRTY?!

and it doesn’t help when our weekends are mostly spent on eating, and more eating, and more eating.

and peaberry and pretzel was nice. *teehee* place was nice, environment was nice, super burger was super and teh tiramisu werkz. but imma not fond of creme brulee cos i’m like dat. :S

oh! and labrador park at night was actually, nice. unlike the expectation of “tempat keras giler” type.

and prata cafe @ evans road sure has a lot of flies. we were a bit kepunan after hearing about prata maggi mee served there. verdict? satu bite and you can sure to be kenyang like mad. we can’t even finished it. it was that filling…though not in a good way.

i. need. to. stop. binging.