the sweet silver song of a lark


3 days of scouring, shouting, screaming, singing…somehow, this visit is more emotional compared to 2001’s. thank technology for that, probably.

for me, the highlight was indefinitely singing ynwa on the banks of the river right in front of them. well, xavi and carra, specifically. (if only there was finnan. oh how we missed the irish lad.) carra was stumped, xavi actually managed a smile and waves, kuyt was actually amiable and sammy lee, bless him, was sporting as always. even rafa acknowledged he found the singing along the river was very, erm, emotional. no kidding. except for the fucking irritating cavern emcee who keeps on and on egoing himself. idiot.

as for the match, it was justifiable. only the section that we were sitting were motionless most of the time. i swear i can hear a pin drop in most parts of the 1st half. no singing, no cheering, just sitting and mumbles. luckily it did pick up a bit in the 2nd half.

and words of advice to noh alam shah and indra shahdan: dont be a fucken prima donna. you shld be glad yourselves that you are actually playing against one of the top teams in the world. of course you shld know who the people are rooting for. BODOH NYE MAMATS.

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you see ben ayun?


oh pool, you love to caress our pounding hearts with lots of melodrama and suspense.

next time, please don’t try to make things difficult between us, ok?


shifting goal posts

Who Really Is To Blame
I’m blaming all of United woes on AIG and those ridiculous bonuses.
Mike (Straw grasping) Garcia, Toronto

now, now a word of advise to the pool fans – relax. don’t go overboard. the last time pool went on a scoring rampage, they went for a good 2 weeks international break and came back firing blanks after which. remember 2 seasons ago? after the drubbing of derby county? hopefully you still do.

if you are still trying to figure out why they are scoring by the bucketloads, lemme sarip give the simple reason – they simply do not have to. pool vs villa games are always in favor to pool anyway. reason being? villa don’t play aggro footie, unlike other teams. easy peasy. look at the past results. there are some teams that pool tend to do well (e.g. villa) and bad (e.g. irritatingly boro). so do the math. another reason why they are firing on all cylinders? because nobody expects them too. pool tends to do well when nobody expects them to do well, or in this case, win. technically. we’ll see how the famous pool choke hold will come to make its appearance once they are expected to grind out a result. i’ve been too long as a pool fan to acknowledge the high hopes feeling and then having theheart crushed to pieces when you expect them to do well. we are so used to disappointments. heh.

and that will be the time when the usual suspects will make your heart boil and your mind spinning.

i’m looking at you dirk kuyt and to many an extent, the stubborn rafa.


sarip never thought he said this – but he now actually like that guy above. credit given when it is due, sarip guessed. after tonight’s match, finally sarip can forgive him for that 2 own goals in ’99. yes, sarip carried that grudge for that long. mebbe, possibly reason why he seems assured this time round is because he’d ditched wearing long-sleeved jerseys. for. the first. time. possibly to throw away a curse. it’s been working so far. but the devil months of nov and dec are historically bad months for pool. hopes! maybe it’s time to change!

but. nice. finally. won. and lampard looks shit. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. -grins- gerard 2010!

sing only when yer winning

sarip’ve said previously he gave up hope on watching soccer, but that pool match against man citeh was one good jolly battle.

and The Kunt actually scored? jolly be good. but he should’ve had scored 2 before so bleah. but pool actually won after 2 goals down? mamma mia!

now sit down rubber boy before saying title here it comes to pool. it was a tough match, but it was actually down to some queer faults in the first place. fabio aurelio belongs more to be a fabio than a left back. his mistake did produce the error for the first goal. kunt, as always, loses the ball and is a hot hot chicken shit, pardon for the tap in. and now with the injury to skrtel, my my that’ll screw up the stability front, even though daniel agger is a capable replacement. but we all know what happened last year after agger suffered a long term injury, pool lost momentum like as always in the months of nov and dec.

one thing sarip feels as to why pool started quite well early this season is because alonso’s on form right now. the bugger is notoriously slow to pick up the pace in the beginning part of the previous seasons, so let’s hope he’d continue his form at the mo.

and sort out that left back slot. fabio gives sarip heart attacks.

match day 12: ‘pool vs fulham

match: at last the monkey’s off the back. and at last some sense were made by rafa, albeit (lots) of luck were carried into them. the first half was atrociously bad and not surprisingly it is down to the usual suspect. rafa tried to experiment using riise and aurelio switching positions often in the match and it created disharmony on the left side of the pitch. because of this, the movement off the ball was ridiculously poor and this makes benayoun to be overworked on the right side of the field. only ONE shot was made on target in the first half, crouch unluckily hitting the bar right at the end of the half.

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match day 11: blackburn vs ‘pool


match: another game, another frustrating event for all ‘pool fans. admittedly (most) pool fans were just hoping that ‘pool will keep the unbeaten record in the league against the on form blackburn team. however, as the match wore on, traits of the ‘classic’ ‘pool team was finally let out in full effect – lousy finishing, bad tactics and pure senile riise doing things that’s beyond understanding. ‘pool should’ve won the match, but threw it away again.

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