the wabbit

ain’s potpot hiding under its pile during construction work.

geram aku.

anyways, geylang was as se-hardcore as wat i’d expected. anyways, if anyone saw sarip shout hi to him ‘cos he can’t see that well while trying to cuci his mata (adoi!) during bulan yang mulia ini.

the highlight definately was the ‘selat menyambut hari raya’ banner. maybe they don’t want to have the ‘mat’ in ‘selamat’.

how dare them!

by the way, the sunday times had this article to say that ‘grooming for sexual addicts’ will be considered as a crime. along those lines lah. this from someone who tried to curi baca in the mamak shop.

interesting move sarip says. the only irony was the newspaper was sitted next to hordes of scantily clad ladies (dayum!) on men’s magazines.

now is it just me or are double standard practices at stake here? if they’d decide to proceed with that law, shouldn’t magazines like fhm and maxim be taken off the stands too? (oh pls no!) the instinct tells ne not however, since mediacork publishing will definately lose a lot of income, yes?

so how will this law proceed then?

ah shucks. hopefully this law does not apply of having keira knightley being removed from local media.