too cold to care and too sick to shout

The Antlers

it’s been a long time. but, the antler’s hospice has filled up the void in the meantime. hospice tells “the story (in first and second person narrative) of a man losing a loved one to bone cancer and watching her die in the Sloan Kettering Cancer Ward while he is beside her. memories, regret and grief occur throughout the album…” (via wikipedia)

sounds a tad heavy, but i’m a sucker for heart-wrenching tunes. still a mat jiwang, very.

some tunes over at multiply.

till then.

animal collective // my girls

Is it much that I feel I need
A solid soul and the blood I bleed
With a little girl, and by my spouse
I only want a proper house

I don’t care for fancy things
Or to take part in a precious race
And children cry for the one who has
A real big heart and a father’s grace

I don’t mean to seem like I care about material things like a social status
I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls

class of 2007

well, the girl fm yest’s post could’ve learn something or 2 from these fellas. hoozah!

honestly, we don’t mind if the PTC keeps increasing the fare charges without any consultation and review from the public if they apply this to every train.

anyways, chromewaves and muzzleofbees had put up the yearly end-of-year-best-of-the-best list. sarip gotta honest, he didn’t really keep track on moozik much this year, but what the hell, he’ll list some of his own. if interested, go and download here.

the 2007 bias list:-

sarip’s favouritest album of the year:

hands down to iron & wine’s the shepherd’s dog. nothing beats an energetic sam beam after listening to accoustic chords all this while.

sarip’s favouritest song of the year:

panda bear’s bros pipped by feist’s 1234 just because she makes sarip stim kodok.

sarip’s nostalgic songs of the year:

atmosphere and this time tomorrow.

sarip’s idea of downbeat tracks to play all night on a saturday night:

the field’s from here we go sublime.

sarip’s musical inspiration of the year:

the national’s bryan devendorf for his incredible drum play. somehow he looks very john lennon-ish.

sarip’s most meluat gimmick of the year:

the kanye west vs 50 “war” and that this is why i’m hot song

sarip’s first excited then bingit moment of the year:

they are still raving about in rainbows’ brilliance of marketing?!

sarip’s confession of the year:

he really loves umbrella eh eh eh.

take-away shows

beirut – nantes (download)

if you think radiohead’s method of bypassing labels as “revolutionary”, sarip thinks take-away shows are the epitome of “anti-promo”. and those vincent moon videos, as ever, are so highly accentuated with subtle colors it makes for wonderful art pieces to hang on the wall. frame by frame. enjoi kids.


note: raw indigo denim NOT on sale. dayum!

the new indulgence


new fetish for the moment. chkkit out at band of outsiders. oh the ties!

as told before, control the sort-of-but-beautiful biopic of ian curtis is ahhhhouuut. god knows when they’ll screen it here. and not surprisingly, joy division t shirts are sold out like, everywhere. by the way, courtesy of cik ainah, here’s the soundtrax for you kids out there. except for the appearence of killers doing shadowplay (of all things), it is what you’d expect of greatness from an epic like this. this is trainspotting 2007. in the oh-blardy-fool-it-is-so cool thing.

and yes thoughts for those who lost their family members in vietnam. only problem is i can just visualise we’ll have to detour to somewhere else.

AND by the way, i’ve succumbed to this.

Aidil Ism's Facebook profile

*stoops head in shame*

how it ends

this is going to be short and sweet. (new mantra, lah)

1. curse your little heart if devotchka is not on the playlist.

curse your little heart

2. Little Miss Sunshine.

3. Prison Break is bayek cam nak mampos! Only thing is after Season 1, diaorang tak main lagi in that prison. So far is so good in Season 2. Hell, the scripwriters at FOX are incredible lah. Only if they don’t sensationalise their newscasters lah.


“hady was bulu roma ternaik awesome!!” – far

well done to that mat. though i do wonder how it’ll sound like if he sings…

“..kaulah satu satunya, club lagenda….”

perpectively, that will be more appropriate for today’s concept, betol tak?

now with all the hady mania, i wonder what will happen to the taufik’s (sic!)angels. ya know the clad-in-white *bitches* (hic!) who dressed up in whatnots during the last time round?

anyway, hady’s dad mee reboost is bayek. a true ang mo kio malay institution. or so. oh well.

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hello kids!

tell your mommy and daddy and your berita harian forum that slayer will be coming to town. tell them that this will be very educational and time fulfilling. there’ll be lots of fun filled events for the whole family!

and it has come to a point whereby singapore idol is fuckingly irritating. what’s the point? all of them will mostly vote for the *oh! he’s so cute but can’t sing well!* category. give me a break. i dont even understand why people are still intrigued by it. are the people to *dumb* to realise that this competition, or the lack of, is a farce? it is an open debate to point the finger either at mediacork for producing this show or the public themselves who craves for mind-numbing shows. and it is an open secret anyway that the winner for this year will not be signed as a recording artist for bmg. so, what’s with all the hooblabla?

come on! scrap this programme, or any other reality talentimes. we must realise to a point of time whereby real musical talent won’t come up by singing other people’s songs and *trying* to act cute infront of the camera.

on that note, give me the pussycat dolls anytime, anyday. heh.