Mr Mohamed agrees that property agents can provide valuable advice to potential home owners.

However, ultimately, home owners have to be personally responsible.

He stressed: ‘Agents can only advise customers to buy a flat that is within their means, but if the client chooses to be lavish, agents can’t do anything.’

story here.

well your venerable mr mohamed, but it does seem property agents are capable of ill advising their clients and remain not contactable when the client needs help. how could not the agents even inform their clients on the 30 month ruling as imposed by HDB?

countless times i have seen uninformed malay families put their trust on malay property agents just because of their race. full of bollocks. if you, mr mohamed, can proclaim that agents can’t do anything, you should think then you are partly responsible and can be viable for personal to treat you in court if your agents do not practice as what it is served to be. 10 years or even 5 years ago it is not common for families to be served unwell in the property dwellings. rarely do we hear of such cases. but don’t you just find it suspicious, the more there are malays dealing as property agents, the more cases where families have lost their homes? this is but just an assumption, but the parallels are very hard to ignore. it’s true both parties are responsible, and the future of personal income may not be sustained, but property agents, you are the first gateway in terms of consultation and advise, no?


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