passing on

Celtics Reggie Miller Basketball

hi reggie. i think we share the same traits. always the nearly man, a borderline acceptance to the generals, ever trying so hard but still misinformed. but we still want to prove, even though the horizon does not meet. in spite of this, we live on. face up, and answer to all your critics. for this, i will bear and grit.

but it does not bode well. for the most respected man in football, the hero who’s still diminished by the masses, the uncle who treats people well, the unassuming man who belies all the evil of power, the gentleman who can still relate to the man on the street – sir bobby robson has passed on. he came here years ago, and ever the unexpected english gentleman he is, as jovial and caring as the folklore says. you are proof that good guys can actually win. the world will miss you uncle bobby.


Sir Bobby Robson
1933 – 2009

Tribute from John Nicholson.


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