hi, beautiful

2 weeks back, sarip read about teh release of the *ooh much delectable* olympus pen (cute) camera. items won’t be arriving to our shores until july, but ooh look what we have found here! šŸ™‚


i can assure you it is all worth teh money. it’s SMALL, compact, beautiful, handles surprisingly well, video quality quite satisfying even though there is no stabiliser and images are crisp. did i say it is small AND beautiful too?

if you want, get the package that includes the 17mm lens, as shown here. very prime lens!

oh and i like to show off the mpb just because. a mat MUST showcase his possessions. i need to repent, like right now.


just HAVE to include this here too!



2 thoughts on “hi, beautiful

  1. camera is beautiful. have always love olympus. whoever the woman is in that question is going thru extreme hormonal swing!

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