never can say goodbye

it’ll be a severe understatement if i wasn’t affected by his passing. it still has not sink in to me he is actually gone. i didn’t remember elvis, hendrix, lennon or even marley, but i grew up listening to mj. everything was mj to me as a kid. hell, even all the makciks, pakciks, neneks, datuks, cousins know mj. and this was the age before information was readily available. his impact was really huge, no doubt. and even though the last 20 years were mostly negative in the eyes of the public, i still thank him for entertaining me during those childhood years. it was good times, boogie.

and one of the best of all.

the king is dead, long live the king.

Bob Lefsetz says it best.

He missed his childhood and now he’s gonna miss his old age.

How fucked up is that?

Michael Jackson never had a chance.  He had to succeed for his family, his parents’ dreams were dependent upon him.

And a boy with that much pressure delivers.  He works truly hard, so he will be loved.  That’s all Michael Jackson was looking for, love.

He wanted to be accepted.  Wanted to be so good that he couldn’t be denied.  But you can’t change family history, and the public no longer treats you as human, as an equal, once you break through.  People want to rip you off or tear you down, or shower you in faux love that’s more about their unfulfilled desires than yours.  It gets so confusing that you retreat.

more here.


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