i’ve been neglecting “the camera berat” because i cant be bothered to lug it around. then again there’s another reason not carrying as much due to not wanting to be “stereotyped”  to a whole posse of “the camera berat” gang whom i’m seeing are more looking at it as a “fashion” accessory rather than an instrument. yes, i am narrow minded like that. 😦

and have been longing around for a quality compact camera as much. lx3 was ok, but then again was waiting for something bettuh. then suddenly olympus came with the one above – the remake of the PEN series.

four thirds system. interchangeable lens. range view finder. bla bla bla bla bla. it’s like a dslr but without the burden and obviousness and garang looking. it’s petite, can fit into any of my bags (most important!) and classic looking. beautiful. teh bonus cant come sooner. if there is one anyway. boo. in case you’re interested, the history of the PEN.

dpreview has sampled some shots taken from the PEN.

the Olympus PEN E-P1 will be available in white and silver by next month at S$1,298 (body with 14-42mm lens) and $1,488 (body with 17mm pancake lens). better still, add about a thousand plus for that Zuiko 50mm F2.0 lens. *cries*


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