“When we invest, we are investing for 10, 15, 20 years. You may look as if you are making a big loss today, but you have not borrowed money to invest. You will ride the storm, the company recovers, your shares go up.” – Lee Kuan Yew, Feb 2009 – via

oh how times have changed! so much for riding the storm. guess we are not good riders, aren’t we?

now dear dear oh dreary CPF, i do have a question. you’ve used OUR money to invest, divest, whatever vest and most likely you’ll increase our withdrawal age limit and most probably put in extra instances for minimum sum, will you give me my money back if i let go of my singaporean citizenship? i do have plans to move out of the country you see, because i don’t have much trust or believe in administrators whose running this conglomerate institution who actually intend to downsize a lot and outsource a lot and then blaming its own citizens not caring enough for themselves because they are picky in choosing jobs.


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