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6 months ago, i was so looking forward to this week and next, what with the double whammy of long weekends smacking together side by side. excited i was.

but fate has its funny ways.

i decided to forgo the trip today. bon voyage to the rest. and bad news looking forward, i do not even have the slightest hope that i am able to travel all the way to the end of this year. how very sad, say it ain’t so.

now let me look forward to work all the way till don’t know when. tiredness is really an understatement at this moment. which made me think, why i am still up till this time rambling about this.

oh yes. was looking at all the news reports and keep updating that’s why.


i was pondering. about the severity of this “epidemic”.

ever the excited conspiracy theory guy, i was wonderring if ever there is (ever) something else that is fishy going on in spite of all these events. i don’t know. i am just assuming. but big big things are happening, but not being much reported in fanfare these past few days.

such as.

– uk is leaving basra. funny that. they’ve already been planning to leave there yes it is, but…it’s something BUT i can’t put a finger on to it.
– gsk stock is rising to the roof. and this was before this major epidemic story was inflicted onto everyone.
– chrysler is going for bankruptcy. figure that out.
– if this is really a big event, why are world leaders not telling the worse for everyone, but just reassuring that everyone to be calm? of course we have to keep calm, that’s common sense and thank you for reassuring that to us; but repeatedly saying it to us and suddenly raising the threat level to 5? contradictions have never been so blurred…
– why aren’t there any footage of the dead bodies? sensitivity issues…..or are there any dead bodies in the first place?
– maybe this is not related, but it is timely coincidental that this has happened 2 days after obama left mexico, no? and let’s not even probe as to why air force 1 was flying so low recently…
– what about the recent economic conference on the collapse of the world economy and all that New World Order talk took place. wait a sec, are they related?
– and where has all the talk of the amero currency that was talked about to be created between mexico, u.s. and canada? could a spark of an epidemic be the catalyst to its creation?

i don’t know. who am i suppose to say. i guess i just like to watch mel gibson talking gibberishly to julia roberts on screen many times.

but anyway, the flu’s name has been changed to influenza a. i wonder what is the malay term for influenza. really. what lah? another bad thing, now i can’t do all the babi jokes anymore. so insensitive of me yes.

also, while in the cab, the uncle was telling me an interesting observation. he said, india with its densely populated areas, and sometimes sanitation not at its best, has not been affected by any recent epidemics. he advised me to eat lots of curry. the tumeric is the reason why it didn’t happen there. go figure that out. that, or probably they are having elections, after elections…

anyway, let’s go to sleep, for it will be a long, long, long weekend from now till next week.

siak nye babi.

let the fear begin….



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