tie breaker


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i still prefer clay rather than grass. and women’s tennis is much more “mmmph”. even after beach volleyball.

double fault trus…

sidetrack last, life’s classic pictures are really beautiful. especially the americana ones. very fashion inspiring.

where amazing happens

espn / star sports here should really refocus on their sports programming here. they’ve (over) bloated with tons of useless football related shows with whom is ever interested in watching i dont even know. look. we are not interested to know about jamie reeves personal life. we dont care about those senseless football game shows. and there is a football cartoon called supa strikes too? plus, sportscentre here should just change its name to football centre when the programme shows football news three quarters of the time.

yes, i still ynwa and still yearns for pool (and practically the bucks end there). so-call the calling of my “roots” lah kan. (i am a child of the 80s and pool and football are the only source of “imported” sports we have at the time.)

but come on! enough with football related shows. (while we are speaking of it, can someone please plug off football crazy on the tv schedule too please? i cringe everytime i see jamie yeo on screen.)

please please please put on more nba at this time of the year for goodness sake. it is the playoffs time. hell, it’s already the conference finals now!. and the only tidbits that we have here are live games on weekend mornings.

i probably understand the reason why espn does not provide major coverage here due to a) major time differences (it is 12 – 14 hours difference instead of just 8 for english football. you can just recall the bane of watching USA 1994.) b) lack of sponsorships and c) lack of interest especially from the trash that is the new paper. (but even if all that is put into consideration, can espn really not telecast the delayed telecast of games? if they can show repeated football matches that we have jelak already, can they have the tools to actually show the un-telecasted games for those who are not able to watch in the morning? please?)

add in all the points above with the countless time outs that most people won’t bear to wait, it (can) be understandable of the lack of interest here.

but i beg to differ. try to catch it. the nba is now THE time to catch when there are so many franchise players plying their trade AT THE SAME TIME. the level of playing is so even now that you may not know which team can determine their output unlike football nowadays when only the richest of teams are able to dominate the game.

plus add in the really witty game analysis from the commentators. start with bill simmons. you will be amazed at the astounding knowledge and memory the guys have when discussing the game AND its historical versions unlike most football commentators we see regularly on our local tv who are just reporting on NOW and bandwagon on various inputs.

plus, how many times can we see last minute winning shot attempts game after game after game? 5 of the last conference finals games are decided by the last shots. don’t we just love last minute shots? i love it when games are going for the win all the time instead of just settling for draws which is now plaguing the state of football at the moment. there should not be ANY draws in sport games. NEVER EVER. it just spoils the thrill of games dont you think?

trust me. the nba now is really good that even newscasters cannot contain their excitement while live on tv. really.

(the reason why the newscaster wants to cancel sports illustrated subscription)

the shot.


“When we invest, we are investing for 10, 15, 20 years. You may look as if you are making a big loss today, but you have not borrowed money to invest. You will ride the storm, the company recovers, your shares go up.” – Lee Kuan Yew, Feb 2009 – via tomorrow.sg

oh how times have changed! so much for riding the storm. guess we are not good riders, aren’t we?

now dear dear oh dreary CPF, i do have a question. you’ve used OUR money to invest, divest, whatever vest and most likely you’ll increase our withdrawal age limit and most probably put in extra instances for minimum sum, will you give me my money back if i let go of my singaporean citizenship? i do have plans to move out of the country you see, because i don’t have much trust or believe in administrators whose running this conglomerate institution who actually intend to downsize a lot and outsource a lot and then blaming its own citizens not caring enough for themselves because they are picky in choosing jobs.

live long and prospuh

pornstar trek

i was never a fan of star trek. too deep for me lah.

but, the new one was quite good. ok, just because i just want to see simon pegg being a scotty. really, literally.

and, i didnt realise that nero was actually eric bana. and winona ryder? really? for shizzles!

nice cinematography too, what with the shining and reflected light scenes all over the place.

it’s a good start. not being too chummy and michael bay-ish and anything with “sabotage” playing init has to be ok.

if only megan fox can appear somewhere init too. brrrrr.


i just had to do it here too. can’t help it!

ko ko b.ware

sesungguhnya si ketua tadi ada bagi ulasan yang kami boleh mengambil cuti panjang dalam beberapa minggu ini atas “kerja keras” kami sepanjang beberapa minggu yang lalu. well, terima kasih banyak banyak atas budi baik kamu…walaupunnnnnnnn…aku masih tak puas pasal terlepas peluang cuti minggu ini….

jadi, aku pun berbincang diri sendiri apa boleh ku buat. ke mana? bagaimana? macam mana? dan teringat kembali pula rancangan pada mulanya untuk bersinggah dengan pulau ko lipe, terletak di selatan thailand. pada asalnya, tidak terfikir untuk kesana pada musim ini oleh atas sebab edaran monsoon yang sering melanda kawasan itu pada masa tahun begini. entah boleh dipercayai ke tidak kesebenarannya itu.

tapi tidak mengapa, apakandaya, aku ni perlukan satu cuti panjang lagi. koh lipe, boleh ku cubai…

sehingga ku tergoncat dengan perasaan keji pabila membaca satu forum tulisan di lonely planet yang menyatakan pulau tersebut sudah rosak di banyak bahagian. forumnya boleh dibaca disini.


oh mengucap! apa sudah menjadi? tidak kalakah penduduk disana sungguh dahagakan pembaruan, mereka sanggup musnahkan berlian mereka? menghairankan! sungguh berbeza dengan apa dicatatkan di dalam video ini!

hampa tidak terkira! nasib baik ditemui forum tersebut. entah bagaiman mahu diteterakan akan keadaannya sekarang, akan tetapi kemungkinan besar tidak akan disinggahi ke sana buat sementara ini.

ada perancangan lain? ke mana pula sekarang?!

type a

6 months ago, i was so looking forward to this week and next, what with the double whammy of long weekends smacking together side by side. excited i was.

but fate has its funny ways.

i decided to forgo the trip today. bon voyage to the rest. and bad news looking forward, i do not even have the slightest hope that i am able to travel all the way to the end of this year. how very sad, say it ain’t so.

now let me look forward to work all the way till don’t know when. tiredness is really an understatement at this moment. which made me think, why i am still up till this time rambling about this.

oh yes. was looking at all the news reports and keep updating that’s why.


i was pondering. about the severity of this “epidemic”.

ever the excited conspiracy theory guy, i was wonderring if ever there is (ever) something else that is fishy going on in spite of all these events. i don’t know. i am just assuming. but big big things are happening, but not being much reported in fanfare these past few days.

such as.

– uk is leaving basra. funny that. they’ve already been planning to leave there yes it is, but…it’s something BUT i can’t put a finger on to it.
– gsk stock is rising to the roof. and this was before this major epidemic story was inflicted onto everyone.
– chrysler is going for bankruptcy. figure that out.
– if this is really a big event, why are world leaders not telling the worse for everyone, but just reassuring that everyone to be calm? of course we have to keep calm, that’s common sense and thank you for reassuring that to us; but repeatedly saying it to us and suddenly raising the threat level to 5? contradictions have never been so blurred…
– why aren’t there any footage of the dead bodies? sensitivity issues…..or are there any dead bodies in the first place?
– maybe this is not related, but it is timely coincidental that this has happened 2 days after obama left mexico, no? and let’s not even probe as to why air force 1 was flying so low recently…
– what about the recent economic conference on the collapse of the world economy and all that New World Order talk took place. wait a sec, are they related?
– and where has all the talk of the amero currency that was talked about to be created between mexico, u.s. and canada? could a spark of an epidemic be the catalyst to its creation?

i don’t know. who am i suppose to say. i guess i just like to watch mel gibson talking gibberishly to julia roberts on screen many times.

but anyway, the flu’s name has been changed to influenza a. i wonder what is the malay term for influenza. really. what lah? another bad thing, now i can’t do all the babi jokes anymore. so insensitive of me yes.

also, while in the cab, the uncle was telling me an interesting observation. he said, india with its densely populated areas, and sometimes sanitation not at its best, has not been affected by any recent epidemics. he advised me to eat lots of curry. the tumeric is the reason why it didn’t happen there. go figure that out. that, or probably they are having elections, after elections…

anyway, let’s go to sleep, for it will be a long, long, long weekend from now till next week.

siak nye babi.

let the fear begin….