good friday is my favourite holiday


ain starting the bouldering @ yishun safra. legend has it that climbing can tone your body. and so sarip begins his journey. but not without pains on his toes and joints! and smelly shoes is not the way to begin the futile journey to slimming sanctuary. but he has to. his lost pants are the testimony of the (current) losing battle.


so much for the healthy living and eat in moderation. but we guessed lots of veggies and tender meat are good for the body. or so we thought. but quite frankly, sarip thinks eatzi’s steak is not as good as it seemed to be. 😦 so much for the brouhaha.


lps was attacked by the lfians. speaking of lps, try as much to avoid stall num 9. trust sarip on this.


on a sidenote, for as long as sarip can remember, ang mo kio is a very pathetic place in case you want to find good (halal) eating places. most of the good ones are gone, and it seems people can only head to banquet to eat, which is sad because sarip doesnt like banquet that much either. it feels so “franchisey”. heh.

well thank goodness, there’s charcos. even though its stucked in one other end of amk. even though its been there for some time and it is only now that sarip is raving about it. but the food’s good. the prices are best! and the setting is very relaks jek. the salads are bountiful tak lokek nye type (blessings to the owner!), ribs are tenderly cooked and the portugese chicken makes me want to go to porto and do the portobello. ok no relations. but its damn good considering the price, which is so unlike other *atas* eateries who wants to justify its prices by proclaiming its *better* quality dishes, are better. sadly, most times that ain’t true.

ok dah.


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