well I seem to being doing just swine


apologies beforehand, but now because of this, the trip scheduled for next week will (probably) be with held by the superiors.

talk about perfect timing.

siak nye babi.

do airlines give refunds for “projected-to-be-pandemic” disruptions? i really hope so.

anyways, it seems things are not bad for all parties during times like these. malaysian made top glove  stocks flew to the roof today.

malaysia, boleh!


like a rusty steak knife

most people put lots of songs into their mp3 players. somehow, mine’s filled to the brim with podcasts, talkshows and “briefings”. don’t know why. probably, i get bored with songs fast enough, but of course with the exception of a few. must be the age thing. (i didn’t realized you tend to like to hear people talk than sing when you reached your 30s. or is it just me?)

and i love the b.s. report by bill simmons. a lot. religiously to an extent. his dry wit, humour and knowledge sometimes cause quirky smiles to me in the train. like laughing to yourself and then realizing people are looking at you in a weird way and then you realized you are actually making a fool of yourself. you know, like those instances. but really. do listen to his shows. it’s that good. if it is your kind of thing. just ignore the banter on american sports if you will.

the other day, he invited this rick rosner as his guest on his podcast. rick who i don’t know. (that’s the brilliant thing about this show – his guests and topics are interesting enough for you to listen again and again. totally unlike sportscenter asia. ok no relations.) turns out this rick “is one of the smartest people” at the moment. did a wikipedia on him, small info but i think this is enough:

According to unverified scores on tests designed to measure high intelligence, Rosner claims to have one of the world’s highest IQs. In 1985, he claims to have scored 44 out of 48 on Ron Hoeflin’s Mega Test, the second-highest score among the nearly 4,000 people who took the test. In 1990, Rosner claims to have received a perfect score on Hoeflin’s equally difficult Titan Test (Morris 1990, Prager 1997, Miyaguchi) and, in 1991, scored 47 in a second attempt at the Mega Test. His combined scores indicate an adult (deviation) IQ in the mid- to high-190s (Hoeflin 1989, 1997 & 1998; Towers 1991, 1998 & 1999; Vaughn et al., 1999), which corresponds to a ratio IQ of approximately 250 (Scoville 1999). From 1991 to 1997, Rosner was editor of Noesis, the journal of the Mega Society, an organization open to people who have scored at the one-in-a-million level on tests of general intelligence. More recently, Rick Rosner claims to have scored a 200 on the IQ test.

the funny thing about this rick rosner is that he does not convey the attributes of a typical “genius”. he repeats his high school several times, became a bouncer, stripper and what nots. but the moment you hear this person speak, you know he has more to offer. turns out even mgm had a documentary about him. fascinating stuff.

part 2. part 3. part 4. part 5. part 6. part 7.

good friday is my favourite holiday


ain starting the bouldering @ yishun safra. legend has it that climbing can tone your body. and so sarip begins his journey. but not without pains on his toes and joints! and smelly shoes is not the way to begin the futile journey to slimming sanctuary. but he has to. his lost pants are the testimony of the (current) losing battle.


so much for the healthy living and eat in moderation. but we guessed lots of veggies and tender meat are good for the body. or so we thought. but quite frankly, sarip thinks eatzi’s steak is not as good as it seemed to be. 😦 so much for the brouhaha.


lps was attacked by the lfians. speaking of lps, try as much to avoid stall num 9. trust sarip on this.


on a sidenote, for as long as sarip can remember, ang mo kio is a very pathetic place in case you want to find good (halal) eating places. most of the good ones are gone, and it seems people can only head to banquet to eat, which is sad because sarip doesnt like banquet that much either. it feels so “franchisey”. heh.

well thank goodness, there’s charcos. even though its stucked in one other end of amk. even though its been there for some time and it is only now that sarip is raving about it. but the food’s good. the prices are best! and the setting is very relaks jek. the salads are bountiful tak lokek nye type (blessings to the owner!), ribs are tenderly cooked and the portugese chicken makes me want to go to porto and do the portobello. ok no relations. but its damn good considering the price, which is so unlike other *atas* eateries who wants to justify its prices by proclaiming its *better* quality dishes, are better. sadly, most times that ain’t true.

ok dah.

pregnancy question fail

someone should give awards to yahoo questions. the questions! oh my!


anyway, not trying to get sentimentel here, but time do fly fast. it’s been 2 years. already. not trying to sound corny here too, but yes, i do appreciate times that were spent. highs and lows. we’ll see how it goes from here. 🙂