the big blue dong


i was never part of the cool clique to absorb the religion that is the watchmen. possibly ‘cos i don’t have much money to purchase it. oh well. but i was bought into the hype when they were showing the trailers.

only until i know that abang zach is directing it, i have my serious doubts of him doing any movies. really. so i have serious doubts about this being bogojangles without sammy.

however, due to the strenous drama that was held over the weekend (cue: parents), i decided i was not cut off for work today, had an appointment with my (current) favourite doctor today (i waited for 4 hours. if you know, you’ll know. clue: tampines), and plumped for a seat to watch the watchmen in-oh-so-crowded-lunchtime-crowd-which-also-happens-i-didnt-realised-it’s-the-school-holidays tampines mall. and ramen ten sushi really sucked. i know. you are in a ramen shop, you better order ramen, not romen.

ok back to the movie.

first mistake: i didn’t know it was 3 hours longish.

second mistake: zach snyder really needs to write better character driven stories, even though this was adapted from the book, but puhlease…

third mistake: what’s with the soundtrack? yes, classics all. but, trying to really up the ante on the look-at-this-and-listen-to-this-cos-it-is-fucken-cool, made me really uncomfortable. so uncomfortable, i have to shift seats whenever a song came out. sounds of silence should better be observed please. how ironic.


what is the role of the jupiter girl? or is she the silk spectre? i don’t know. please help. but yes, what the hell was she doing in there for? i dont understand. *slut*

i think it is high time i go and read the book to understand more.

speaking of buying books, i trod around R.I.T.A. (rock in the tampines area. ok old lame reference) and bumped into this unpretentious video shop that is laser flair. what a name. i was looking for a bookstore actually, but can’t find one. are there any bookstores in tampines by the way? with all the malls, i can’t seem to find one. amazing. don’t start with nlb. i still owe them tons of money. hehe.

ok so with laser flair. i stepped in, saw vcds were selling @ 6.95 each grabbed 5 of them which i have for so long wanted to watch but never did / or wanted to keep for keepsakes, and now i am a happy camper. just to let you know the five titles:- liar liar, letters to iwo jima, flags of our fathers, inside man and hotel rwanda. good stuff, yes. all man, very man. sans the big blue dong.


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