sick degrees of separation

i like monday nights.

tv-wise that is.

have three sheets, thirsty traveller, samantha who, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, etc. even though i’ve to switch channels every now and then, esp during commercials. not gratifying though.

i love three sheets if you mind, thank you very nice.

and there’s lonely planet’s six degrees too.

yesterday’s episode they were showing asha gill prowling across kl. (it’s only come into mind that the episode is so dah lama basi already. my bad. im bad with tv actually)

ok fine, probably good. until that reshmanouruahhskxxkapalabutohakjskjas fella came onto the screen. actually a lot of the time. urgh. so asha was doing this was doing that and pooom she was suddenly in this club where she was brought onto the stage to answer some cheesy questions from the mc. which happens to be ferhad. one name. i wonder why.

i can see from the clip this asha gill was actually reserved when this ferhad was facing her. crossed arms, disinterested look, quickly running off the stage. well who wouldn’t? with an irritating mc like who wants to be pretentiously cool, even terrapins on one leg will dash across. he is very tak boleh angkat.

next scene, asha was talking to this cute chick. actually look more like the sevensetsofparallel girl. yes you. no offense though. ada resemblence i tell you. betul, tak bedek.

and so both of them talked. and asha finally looked relaxed. and this cute chick was talking about kl yadda yadda yadda, and she invited asha to come visit her house the next day. she mentioned a ranch. A RANCH. IN KL. pukimakdatok. cute chick AND freaking rich BUT looks the unpretentious lot . what. a. combo.

pap pap pap pup pup pup. commercial break here. commercial break there. (i actually like those jeniffer adams commercial. ok easy reason. she’s cute.)

moving on…

so suddenly asha was driving. an old school volvo. nice. and she was talking about this girl, names alyssa. father’s a diplomat, environmentalist, and mak datok abundance of expensive cars and the tak boleh tahan huge house. she welcomed, wore all white, hair tied with you know that straight little fringe hanging about and greeted with the voice that has a tersendat hingus blocked in the nose type but actually no hingus. you get the drift. probably she just woke up.

her dad suddenly appeared, and wow, he’s shy of the camera. low-key person and freaking rich. respect! showed family albums, family’s polo team. wow. then followed to her room, showed her impressive walk-in wardrobe and asha almost got an orgasm. then she revealed she’s already married. awww. which lucky guy actually dapat kawin ngan dia nih. mesti gerek nye orang. pasal seeing the family and all that so cool and releks and unpretentious – except for her friend that irritating ida nerina – everything was jolly golly. she can even play a mean game of polo. WHO IS HER HUSBAND NIH?

and then suddenly got a group of guys kicking and juggling a football. probably her brother. but somehow there was this silhoutte that seems familiar. big guy likes to wear tight clothes who think he’s very macho but actually looks fat, short crop of hair, very nak tunjuk tunjuk…..could it be? COULD IT BE? OH FUCKING HELL! IT IS! IT’S THE F(*&^%^&* BUAH LAICI FERHAD?! what the hell was he doing there? gardener ke? cook ke? dreber ke? or maybe the karoke singer of the day ke?


maccow! he? HE?! married to the cute chick who’s rich but so unpretentious (on screen at least) with a very cool dad and has a ranch in KL?! what has the world gone to?! i have the feeling the asha gill was also surprised of this. i think. “alamak! this guy again?! i was running AWAY from him yesterday!”

that’s not all. when asha was about to make a leave, this bombastic singer actually got the nerve to bring on his homeys and do the acapella thing in front of the camera and he, yes he really must, grabbed the cute chick who’s rich but so unpretentious (on screen at least) with a very cool dad and has a ranch in KL, and sing to the top of his lungs.

as if we are impressed.

look. it’s enough already yer a freeloader, it’s more irritating to see you singing to the max to showcase your “talent” in front of the viewing public. we. dont. want. to. see. that. it is a travel showwwwwwwwwww…not aaaaaa singggginggggggggg showwwwwwww….weeee ddddoooonntt waaaannnntttt yoouuuuuuu toooooo sinnnnngggggggggg likkkkeeeeeee tttthhhhhhaaaaaatttt.

i hope you have the sentiments with me on this. and dude, please, dont wear your clothes too tight. i beg you. you are not usher. say that 1000000 times for 12 hours each day.

by the way, after last sat’s romp in the theatre of dreamers, i have a suggestion to all premiere league teams for next season. for next season, all teams should have grey in their away kits. seems the devils have an abundance of dissillusionment ( is that a word) when grey is put up in front of them. maybe they only see the world in black and white. probably. just a suggestion.

ok bye.


4 thoughts on “sick degrees of separation

  1. he’s such a poser if u ask me…. yes, very the tak-boleh-angkat lah.
    obviously basking in (his wife’s) luxury.
    yes I know u r freakin rich. yes big house. oh horses??? u mean they’re ur own?? and erm.. polo. wow.
    next please.
    born w/ silver spoon in da mouth. so what’s new?
    jealous.. me..? haha. maybe.

  2. is: the more important question – apa ko buat kol 5.16 pagi??

    dramamama: i couldn’t believe my state of health, more like it. it’s a man’s thing.

    crushice: he still ike to wear baju ketats.

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