losing faith

was reading with interest on the case involving mediacorp battling with astro asia networks over its logo in high court today. question is: why now? the weird thing is astro’s logo looks so much diff when compared to cna’s when in actual fact cna’s looks way similar to that of adobe’s. no?


seriously? the first time sarip saw cna’s logo way back in ’99, sarip thought cna had flipped adobe’s logo 180 degrees. the nerve! at least astro’s logo has the effort of putting swirls in it!

anyway, there was a report today reporting on singabore’s dubious promotion to number 10 in the world’s costliest cities ranking. and lo and behold, instead of reporting the concerns of its citizens, the 2 hosts on prime time morning singapore were more concerned on how this status will affect foreigners’ sentiment of making business here. *fair enough – they do provide business to this country and yadda yadda yadda.* but the blatant straight remark on the foreigners’ sentiment as its main priority and not to reflect on its own citizens first just shows how this place is more concerned on what others will think of us and not how we feel about everything that is going to affect us here.

it hurts sarip so. does sarip’s sentiment and others who have been living here all their lives matter less than what foreigners will think?


by the way, who wants to bet with sarip that after yesterday’s “trouncing” of real madrid, liverpool will choke at old trafford and lose its match against united (finally i will my respects to sir alex ferguson but not to its “fans” yet who somehow went missing in ’05 & ’06)?

***ooops. (if only pool can play against “top” oppositions each week. they seem to only do well against teams whose arrogance frequently sits on the stratosphere.)


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