not a happy camper

SINGAPORE: Overcrowding at Singapore’s beaches has led to the National Parks Board (NParks) introducing a new permit system.

NParks says the number of campers have doubled in the past few years, hitting some 12,000 last year.

And to control the numbers at the beaches at Changi, East Coast, Pasir Ris, Sembawang and West Coast, campers will have to apply for a permit from mid—April onwards.

NParks says reducing the number of campers means more space can be freed up for others. – Source.

let me repeat that sentence again. NParks says reducing the number of campers means more space can be freed up for others. so nparks, does it mean you want to clear space so that you can have more space for more people to camp? apa motive ni?

seriously, what the fuck lah dei?!

the hazards of love


“hari raya” family photo gone wrong. hehe. via photo booth.

by now, people would’ve probably spread, blogged, tweeted and most probably even mailed on the decemberists new outake – the hazards of love.


to be frank, it takes a whole lotta effort to listen through the songs. very ambitious, very tedious, very tiring. at times, even irritating, especially with the loud metallic guitar twangs. probably because i never expect that to be coming out from colin and gang and some others.

sputnikmusic says it best,

the story revolves around a couple made up of a human woman named Margeret (as sung by Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond), and her lycanthrope lover William, who haunts the forest by Margeret’s home town. A raft of other characters – including a jealous rival for William’s affections and a marauding murderer – seek to keep the couple from being together, despite Margeret bearing William’s child. When you’re inspired, you’re inspired, I guess. Meloy apparently originally planned this as either an operetta or a musical, before quite sensibly deciding it wouldn’t work and allowing the songs to grow organically. The storyline, then – sometimes hard to pick out, very easy to ignore entirely – becomes entirely secondary to the music. Music which, by the way, is frequently astounding.

still trying to grasp all the songs, but the wanting comes in waves / repaid is really amazingly good. very paranoid androidish operatic soundscape one. listen to it. many times. and it’ll slowly grow on you.

2009 seems like a great year with all these muziks coming in. it’s only march, and 2 albums have already given me the twingles.

guessed you should’ve known the other one by now. 🙂


So there’s my point of view. I don’t know who’s going to bother reading it. Sometimes I feel sad – it’s never easy moving to a different country – and sometimes I miss Singapore, which I know deep inside has so much potential. Singapore has so much talent, and so much to offer. But it is heading in the wrong direction: it’s turning into a materialistic, bigoted, regressive society where individuals are not valued. Where people don’t dare to be different, and don’t want to think for themselves. commenter on sg.

aptly said, what i can’t put in words. and each day i’m awake, i do intend. the grass may not be greener on the other side, but at least you can do whatever you want with that grass.


ok before the green thing takes place, i am stunned.


*doing the morbid fan screaming and fainting mode*

shifting goal posts

Who Really Is To Blame
I’m blaming all of United woes on AIG and those ridiculous bonuses.
Mike (Straw grasping) Garcia, Toronto

now, now a word of advise to the pool fans – relax. don’t go overboard. the last time pool went on a scoring rampage, they went for a good 2 weeks international break and came back firing blanks after which. remember 2 seasons ago? after the drubbing of derby county? hopefully you still do.

if you are still trying to figure out why they are scoring by the bucketloads, lemme sarip give the simple reason – they simply do not have to. pool vs villa games are always in favor to pool anyway. reason being? villa don’t play aggro footie, unlike other teams. easy peasy. look at the past results. there are some teams that pool tend to do well (e.g. villa) and bad (e.g. irritatingly boro). so do the math. another reason why they are firing on all cylinders? because nobody expects them too. pool tends to do well when nobody expects them to do well, or in this case, win. technically. we’ll see how the famous pool choke hold will come to make its appearance once they are expected to grind out a result. i’ve been too long as a pool fan to acknowledge the high hopes feeling and then having theheart crushed to pieces when you expect them to do well. we are so used to disappointments. heh.

and that will be the time when the usual suspects will make your heart boil and your mind spinning.

i’m looking at you dirk kuyt and to many an extent, the stubborn rafa.