super size me


i think i’ve gained about 12 kilos since the past year. *gulps*

i’m on an eating binge and i can’t stop. and truth be known, my metabolism rate has gone SIGNIFICANTLY down eversince i hit the 3-0. sheet. i’m THIRTY?!

and it doesn’t help when our weekends are mostly spent on eating, and more eating, and more eating.

and peaberry and pretzel was nice. *teehee* place was nice, environment was nice, super burger was super and teh tiramisu werkz. but imma not fond of creme brulee cos i’m like dat. :S

oh! and labrador park at night was actually, nice. unlike the expectation of “tempat keras giler” type.

and prata cafe @ evans road sure has a lot of flies. we were a bit kepunan after hearing about prata maggi mee served there. verdict? satu bite and you can sure to be kenyang like mad. we can’t even finished it. it was that filling…though not in a good way.

i. need. to. stop. binging.


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