Pulau Rawa


for the longest taim, sarip had been wanting to go and visit pulau rawa, but each taim he was disappointed as the result of the place being fully booked. all the time. ALL TEH TIME.

so naturally, he was ultra delighted to be informed that the place was available (albeit being the last available lodging tucked in the last corner of rawa safaris and with the other resort not in operational yet due to the low peak season – it is thought to be “the monsoon” season, yes but thank goodness for this global warming though, since it did not rain at all! yeh!)

the island was simply b-e-a-yooooouuutiful, sarip might add. if it is your kind of thing lah. beaches are filled with white sands, waters are turqoise, azure blue, clean, and – MORE IMPORTANTLY – totally disconnected from the outside world. no tvs, no radio, no internets, nothing. only thing in abundance? peace, quietness, great food, hammocks and a sunken boat in the beach! :> yeeehawwww! families with kids were in abundance though, but it was ok still. (cue in mind for parents with kids who wants to go to a nearby getaway but place is still nice and has good facilities and price is not steep – this is the place for y’all. jackpotteh!)

how to get there and survive the bumpeh roads

1. for those driving, just head down to mersing (2 hours). cars will be parked at a designated car park. so it’s safe lah kan.

2. rawa safaris provides transport from singapore to their office. $150 one-way.

3. for those bussing, head down to larkin bus terminal. head to s&s bus services, get the 8.30 bus (ONLY RM11.50).  will reach Mersing bus terminal in 2 hours. 15 mins walk to rawa office.

4. if buses are booked, take a cab down to Mersing from Queen Street or Larkin. $75 one-way.

5. if all else fails, there is still the “magic bus”. hehe.

when to book

try at best to book 3 months in advance. we were rushing only a month before, so naturally it was damn cekik darah. their front office response is damn sakit hati, so you have to pester them A LOT. and they cannot accept online payment. so you have to FAX to them a document. so yeah.

boat ride

boat leaves @ 730 AM (i think), 11.30 AM and 2.00 PM (i think) and will take 45 mins. try to get the earlier ones. boat ride is, let say sea sick inducing (for me at least), as it was cramped and hawt as all the windows were shut don’t know why.

what to do there

eat (great food). drink. sleep. eat. drink. sleep. swim. dip. snorkel. kayak. jump from the jetteh. and wander your mind away.


more pixies here step right ups.


5 thoughts on “Pulau Rawa

  1. The best island in Malaysia, at least in my books. Secluded enough and not touristy like the rest. I don’t recall it being as pricey the last time I was there though.

    A bus from Newton at 6am … a bumpy speedboat ride … and walking 10 metres down the powdery white beach from the room to swim with them fishies … that’s how I remembered it and I swear I’m going back there this year.

    Funny how a resort without the typical amenities can leave one wanting more, especially the serenity. Sighhh … I miss that place.

  2. minah: oops! ku fikirkan lain!

    blackcadillac: betoi tuh jang. in terms of dia nye rilek one korner nye lagi besh dari perhentian.

    tapi dia nyah speedboat dia……..makduhai…..

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