don’t you just hate it when you missed a very good deal whereby the price was slashed to 30% but you procrastinate to purchase it and when you suddenly felt the urge to buy it, the discount is only 20% and then you panicked thinking that there won’t be anymore discounts further on so you immediately got it and after 2 weeks with the item still in the box which you put it beneath the closet you went out and gatal2 to take a look at the store, you angrily realised that the item is back to the 30% discount again?!  whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa farkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!


by the way, a very good post on how to get the most of your 2009 public holidays!

Singapore Public Holidays 2009
  • Chinese New Year Monday 26 January + Tuesday 27 January
  • Good Friday Friday 10 April
  • Labour Day Friday 1 May
  • Vesak Day Saturday 9 May (+1 holiday)
  • National Day Sunday 9 August (Monday becomes PH)
  • Hari Raya Puasa Sunday 20 September (Monday becomes PH)
  • Deepavali Saturday 17 October (Monday becomes PH)
  • Hari Raya Haji Friday 27 November
  • Christmas Day Friday 25 December
The Most Efficient Way To Use The Public Holdiays

First important thing, i base my “strategy” on an average 20 holidays granted by your employer.
Since Vesak Day, falls on a Saturday this year (09/05) you will most likely get an additional holiday granted, which brings us to an sum of 21 available holidays.

  • 3 Days from 28th January to 31st January (Becomes 1 week of holiday)
  • 5 days from 4th May to 8th May (Becomes 11 days of holiday)
  • 4 days from 11th August to 14th August (Giving You A Week For Summer Holiday)
  • 4 days holiday from 17th Nov to 20th Nov (becomes 1 week)
  • + 5 days left for creating your own mixture of long holidays

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