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if the next official is going to telecast to the public space that singabore is a country that has moved on from a conservative level of thinking and proudly declares that the restriction of “political themed movies” has been lifted, sarip will swing from tree to tree in honor of tarzan.

bollocks singabore official! bollocks! all your false words, agenda and crushing our hopes when you don’t even allow a group of graffiti artists who has nothing but just good faith to show their expression to the plights of the children of gaza. how is this any different than the countless events of “burn-you-candle-tonight-to-support-the-yadda-yadda”. how is drawing up art to just express themselves any different that burning the night away?

sarip simply just do not understand.

letak seketol kita rock n roll


sarip faithfully has been ignorant on “the local music scene” like since, forever. pasal most of ’em mcm you know act macam superstar terkencit tapi material macam ayam belanda albino.

but selepas diintroducekan dengan the zozi nye materials, rasanya macam syiok kembali dengan nafsu klass satu. and the best part, diaorang blum lagi 20 tahun! but sungguh creative dan funny!

mat rempit
diselit dgn janda yg berkepit kepit
memerahkan petrol minyak yang kencet kencet
racing dgn sesame jenis…

check out lah kan their materials kat diaorang nye myspace. bagus!



don’t you just hate it when you missed a very good deal whereby the price was slashed to 30% but you procrastinate to purchase it and when you suddenly felt the urge to buy it, the discount is only 20% and then you panicked thinking that there won’t be anymore discounts further on so you immediately got it and after 2 weeks with the item still in the box which you put it beneath the closet you went out and gatal2 to take a look at the store, you angrily realised that the item is back to the 30% discount again?!  whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa farkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!


by the way, a very good post on how to get the most of your 2009 public holidays!

Singapore Public Holidays 2009
  • Chinese New Year Monday 26 January + Tuesday 27 January
  • Good Friday Friday 10 April
  • Labour Day Friday 1 May
  • Vesak Day Saturday 9 May (+1 holiday)
  • National Day Sunday 9 August (Monday becomes PH)
  • Hari Raya Puasa Sunday 20 September (Monday becomes PH)
  • Deepavali Saturday 17 October (Monday becomes PH)
  • Hari Raya Haji Friday 27 November
  • Christmas Day Friday 25 December
The Most Efficient Way To Use The Public Holdiays

First important thing, i base my “strategy” on an average 20 holidays granted by your employer.
Since Vesak Day, falls on a Saturday this year (09/05) you will most likely get an additional holiday granted, which brings us to an sum of 21 available holidays.

  • 3 Days from 28th January to 31st January (Becomes 1 week of holiday)
  • 5 days from 4th May to 8th May (Becomes 11 days of holiday)
  • 4 days from 11th August to 14th August (Giving You A Week For Summer Holiday)
  • 4 days holiday from 17th Nov to 20th Nov (becomes 1 week)
  • + 5 days left for creating your own mixture of long holidays