gaza, stripped


a month ago when mumbai was attacked, many people presumed the instability of muslim militants creating chaos around the world. it was a tragic event, no doubt, and naturally muslims around the world have to defend themselves to state repeatedly that these works are done by the minority extremists and so forth, reiterating faithfully that islam is a religion of peace. that sentence has been said out repeteadly, till it had become a cliche mantra for all.

as we speak now, 300 gazans have been murdered by israeli airstrikes bombarding the gaza strip. and the world just wait and stare. unlike the media frenzy of the mumbai attacks, it seemed that this event feels like another hiccup in the ever conflicting israel-palestine tragedy, as potrayed by the media. where is the widespread condemnation for the israeli military for killing these people? why are the general public consensus not raging as high against these acts, unlike those that happened in mumbai? are so bias that we can only be tolerated by what the mainstream media wants us to see? where is our common collective as human beings to condemn any acts of killing, no matter what race, religion or nation they belonged to? aren’t the palestinians too irrelevant to this world? can’t they see, as long as this conflict prevails, we can never, ever attain world peace? why are we so blind?

if the sight of a child being murdered by a fighter plane in broad daylight can’t change our perceptions, nothing ever will.


3 thoughts on “gaza, stripped

  1. after e attacks last month..when the dust settles, i know some people did think it was overplayed in e media..tho no one would say openly or blog abt it. not to trivialize THAT attack, it is condemnable but u know…there are lots of injustice everyday and people being shot dead everywhere else in e world.

  2. …and all them riding on obama’s wave seeking for change, let’s just predict the cue of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

    and yes is, sarip’s a particularly got peeeeeved with the local media keep honing on the tag of ‘the first singaporean to be killed in a terrorist situation’. as if the family members need to be reminded of that fact. repeatedly.

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