chúc may mắn


a. sarip loves all things vietnam.
b. sarip haaaaaaaaaayyyyttteeessssssss the singapore soccer national players douchebags.
c. thus, sarip is delighted.


“ah tak boleh balek! tak boleh balek! baik baik butoh! masuk kandang kerbau ah!” stay classy mat reps.

first of all, enough of  “ashamed to be singaporeans” tag. ok?

second of all, don’t these singaporean “fans” actually realised that the singapore team is really full of bull all along? you complained the vietnamese players love to feign injury to run out time. fair enough. but aren’t your eyes fully opened enough to realise the singapura pura players can only hoof the ball up and can barely make decent movement with and/or without the ball all these times? and to think these “star” players are probably making 10 times more than the vietnamese players. and lest not forget half of the first teamers are fake singaporeans actually. if you want to label “ashamed to be a singaporean” tag, you should be ashamed of yourselves to even support, and to an extent paying these singapura pura “players” salaries. pricks.

and lastly, how will this incident will affect sarip when he wants to return back to vietnam?! we all witnessed what happened to sg people when they visited thailand after the shin corp fiasco. will ill-feelings still sizzle when singaporeans who actually liked vietnam be treated in an unlawful way?

and fuckkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng please ok. can you all stop it with the “butoh” cheers?


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