it’s that time of the year again – where everyone else will list out their favourite items for the past year. as always, without exception, sarip will like to join in [or isit on] the bandwagon. sarip loves his music and you should too! :]

[it’s unfortunate that multiply has suspended the downloads of the music files. at least, users can still listen to the playlist though.]

sarip’s favouritest album/artist/song/feeling-mengfeeling tunes of the year

1. bon iver – for emma, forever ago [listen]
guy breaks up with girlfriend, lives in solitude for 3 months in dad’s cabin, recorded some songs about the heartbreak, dedicated it to her, still talks to her and churns out sarip’s favourite songs for 2008. soothing, serene, heartbreaking, feeling mengfeeling 100 persen.

it seems sarip’s second fav tunes of the year also likes to don flannel wear. oh, these northwestern climes, what air do you breathe.


2. fleet foxes – fleet foxes [listen]
and it’s like not so suspense-surprising kan that sarip was on fleet foxes bandwagon. lush, beautiful, scenic, beach boy-sy / crosby tunes – how not to like? blue ridge mountains performed on letterman sealed the deal, pronto.

legend has it, they are quite nice guys too. super.


3. shearwater – rook [listen]
sarip’s parennial fav band. jonathan meiburg’s voice, tender, melodic, captivating. only qualms [most times in fact on a lot of shearwater tunes] their songs are too short to be appreciated more! still…


4. portishead – third [listen]
ah, beth gibbons. hello you. 1994 you converted sarip, 2008 you still do, even though not as early much. but yes, the rip is one of the best songs for sarip’s 2008. perfect for those late night drive bys. white horses can take sarip away!


5. tv on the radio – dear science [listen]
unlike the previous album, this one is more vivid, angry and does not have the anthem-sing-along choruses. still ‘crying’ is far out loud.

rest of the list
sigur ros – med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust [listen]
she & him – volume 1 [listen]
my morning jacket – evil urges [listen]
marnie stern – this is it & i am it & you are it & so is that & he is it & she is it & it is it & that is that [listen]
grails – doomsdayer’s holiday [listen]
girl talk – feed the animals [clicky]

sorry to disappoint – no vampire weekend! hah! though oxford comma is kinda cool.

gigs of the year that sarip went and then tried to become vincent moon but failed miserably
1. explosions in the sky [yeah!]
2. jens lekman
3. broken social scene
4. manic street preachers

come on 2009!


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