gaza, stripped


a month ago when mumbai was attacked, many people presumed the instability of muslim militants creating chaos around the world. it was a tragic event, no doubt, and naturally muslims around the world have to defend themselves to state repeatedly that these works are done by the minority extremists and so forth, reiterating faithfully that islam is a religion of peace. that sentence has been said out repeteadly, till it had become a cliche mantra for all.

as we speak now, 300 gazans have been murdered by israeli airstrikes bombarding the gaza strip. and the world just wait and stare. unlike the media frenzy of the mumbai attacks, it seemed that this event feels like another hiccup in the ever conflicting israel-palestine tragedy, as potrayed by the media. where is the widespread condemnation for the israeli military for killing these people? why are the general public consensus not raging as high against these acts, unlike those that happened in mumbai? are so bias that we can only be tolerated by what the mainstream media wants us to see? where is our common collective as human beings to condemn any acts of killing, no matter what race, religion or nation they belonged to? aren’t the palestinians too irrelevant to this world? can’t they see, as long as this conflict prevails, we can never, ever attain world peace? why are we so blind?

if the sight of a child being murdered by a fighter plane in broad daylight can’t change our perceptions, nothing ever will.


talk of the weather will do


refreshing way to spend the christmas holiday over at pulau bukom. no crazy holiday crowd, spacious and NO CRAZY HOLIDAY CROWD. only downer? sarip arrived waaaaaay too late and thus cannot do much. and we had a stalker watching us through his window all the time. quite freaky actually. what with the old-looking building. very hantu ambulan [the better version[. plus the weather, well, is just plain glum. the stone didn’t do its job probably.

and happy birthday to mr baharom idrus [bapak sarip dol]. you are 61 years young! kerchiiiing!

oh, pixs.

chúc may mắn


a. sarip loves all things vietnam.
b. sarip haaaaaaaaaayyyyttteeessssssss the singapore soccer national players douchebags.
c. thus, sarip is delighted.


“ah tak boleh balek! tak boleh balek! baik baik butoh! masuk kandang kerbau ah!” stay classy mat reps.

first of all, enough of  “ashamed to be singaporeans” tag. ok?

second of all, don’t these singaporean “fans” actually realised that the singapore team is really full of bull all along? you complained the vietnamese players love to feign injury to run out time. fair enough. but aren’t your eyes fully opened enough to realise the singapura pura players can only hoof the ball up and can barely make decent movement with and/or without the ball all these times? and to think these “star” players are probably making 10 times more than the vietnamese players. and lest not forget half of the first teamers are fake singaporeans actually. if you want to label “ashamed to be a singaporean” tag, you should be ashamed of yourselves to even support, and to an extent paying these singapura pura “players” salaries. pricks.

and lastly, how will this incident will affect sarip when he wants to return back to vietnam?! we all witnessed what happened to sg people when they visited thailand after the shin corp fiasco. will ill-feelings still sizzle when singaporeans who actually liked vietnam be treated in an unlawful way?

and fuckkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng please ok. can you all stop it with the “butoh” cheers?

crowded haus

orchard road. weekend. just got paid. thousands throng the malls. crazy! who noticed recession? seems like none! and now nursing a very dodgy ankle.

amin introduced to us this backalley stall in tanjong pagar. akhbar stall it is named i supposed. great, low-key placed, excellent teh and powerkedemak mee goreng. if yer frustrated with teh crowd at ktm, head down the road beyond cantonment road to the backalleys. they don’t have stalls like these anymore here!

and some pixs, here we go.


joke’s home for the holidays. and us typical typical, headed for some gd ‘ol newtons and some kingpin time at west coast.


vague of ideas for eateries, so Thai Express it is. and the solemnization of The Fadzil. forward, geng!