a last minute getaway. we need to get away, even for awhile. we doubt muslim radicals will invade batam. heh. unless the old stigma of old pakciks yang radical lain if you may assume.

anyway, truth to be known, sarip never stepped on batam. so this was something new. eventhough. we stayed put at batam view beach resort. ok place, even ok price. but the villas were somehow all fully booked. or was it sarip’s too stingy to pay out extra dosh?

oh well, the spa was nice, even though ain was at the usual self doing the kepoing business gossip mengosip with “the therapist” [HAH!]. and that got scalded by steaming fierce boiling water at the sauna. and also closing the door without realising the key was still inside. and then put pepper instead of salt on the pineapple. apa nak jadi pun sarip tak tahu. haha.

but still, ok lah this place for a short getaway. quiet, easy to come, food’s nice [really] and everyone’s a chirpy bunch.

more pixies here as usual.


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