question: is it just me or are the escalators at the mrt stations putting on a strike ala the bangkok riots? novena, hougang, amk! 3 “spoilt” escalators on the same day? my, oh my.

but what the hell, sigur ros’ festival is one hell of a kicking-feeling-mengfeeling-syiok-sendiri-jerawat-sampai-bleh-pecah-type of orgasm. really.

but what is more tantalizing is the fact that this guy is performing again this monday. I REPEAT. THIS FUCKEN MONDAY.


NAHBEH. really lah, sarip’s pocketful of money no more soon.

but it’s JENS ANAK WAK LEKMAN playing woik! the one yang you sanggup gi sorang sorang gi KL then balik with a group of people who sarip felt he macam bikin suasana yang tegang for them.



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