fresh bulgoggi

during the previous years when seoul garden was hot like that, sarip avoided it like the plague. it seems to be like every gathering and plans centred around that food area. sarip hates it for the hotplate cooking area is so hot like that and the fact is he does not want to think when eating his food. he’s the cannot be bothered kind to have “eh benda tuh dah masak ke blum” mode. he’s the type of when-he-ordered-the-food-the-food-better-be-ready-to-be-eaten-on-the-spot type.

and so we went to try at fresh bulgoggi at t2.

on first thoughts, the place was ok, a bit cozy ala sakae and definately not the hotrooms of the garden. tables were huge though and it’s hard to talk and pass around the food. understandable giving the point of the stove smacked in the middle. and thus no leg room underneath it. bummer.

ok the food. since the minah is all crazy korean sarip does not know why, she was commander of the day. and we ordered lah these.


chicken bulgoggi bap. sarip have no idea what a bap is. what sarip thought is macam rasa regular claypot rice and bermacam macam lagi.


the rice cakes and kimchi. kimchi is ok. rice cakes? very rough!



the premium set c. all the veggies and the beef. the slice beef was ok though. very the tender. mmmmm.


and finally the kin-chi soup which ain drank until she got bloated and half drunk liddat. hah.

verdict? so so lah. but sarip still prefers his food to be served ready to be eaten when reached to his table. he is a pemalas like dat. and the service staff was like running here and there, popping a lot of times to check if everything is ok. erm, excuse hor, sarip prefers to eat in peace. he avoids shops that have the sales people hogging him around the store, so get the drift lah kan. and what’s up with the computer system. we ordered some items but never came and best part of all, one staff mentioned “sorry sir, i think our comp system on the frout end is a bit cock up.”



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