pail in comparisons

true to what ridjal reflected, THIS was the week where melayu really boleh.

1. the attempt to rob a bank dressed as a makcik. original! beats the bank job anytime! who would’ve noticed to rob a bank in times of “ekonomik crisis”! brilliant!

2. the tiger mauling thing. was he trying to outdo the sigfried and roy’s incident? if only las vegas sands hadn’t been in troubled waters, they’ve could’ve engaged him! but sarip reckons the tiger were not threatened by him.

sarip thinks they were threatened by the yellow pail. yes The Pail.

cover your head with a pail in times of crisis people!

ok, ok, this is bad, trying to make fun of a tragic incident. but still…

oh, and one of the tiger’s name is omar.

[cue seniman bujang lapok’s famous line]


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