7 more days.
and it is a major pity that the guy above does not have any say.
why is this mat so bothered about american politicks anyway?
well, for starters, anything happens there will affect us here.
and why the sudden change of heart from obama?
well, other than obama’s support for israel, it seems that his economic policies will make out for worse than what it is now.
he did vote for that bailout plan anyway.
ron paul does not!
and his policies are so overwhelming true, makes most fear at the possibilities that he can create, given the power.
read his views and judge it for yourself.
this is the man that could possibly be able to rest the conflict in the middle east, save the world’s economy, provide relief for poverty and may even make the world a better place than it is now.
he’s the real captain planet.
it’s so unfortunate that the mass do not hold him up highly.

and reservist is feeling sucky.


One thought on “revol

  1. i think any next presidential candidate has to show some support for israel in order to get florida retiree votes amongst’s the political game there.

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