sing only when yer winning

sarip’ve said previously he gave up hope on watching soccer, but that pool match against man citeh was one good jolly battle.

and The Kunt actually scored? jolly be good. but he should’ve had scored 2 before so bleah. but pool actually won after 2 goals down? mamma mia!

now sit down rubber boy before saying title here it comes to pool. it was a tough match, but it was actually down to some queer faults in the first place. fabio aurelio belongs more to be a fabio than a left back. his mistake did produce the error for the first goal. kunt, as always, loses the ball and is a hot hot chicken shit, pardon for the tap in. and now with the injury to skrtel, my my that’ll screw up the stability front, even though daniel agger is a capable replacement. but we all know what happened last year after agger suffered a long term injury, pool lost momentum like as always in the months of nov and dec.

one thing sarip feels as to why pool started quite well early this season is because alonso’s on form right now. the bugger is notoriously slow to pick up the pace in the beginning part of the previous seasons, so let’s hope he’d continue his form at the mo.

and sort out that left back slot. fabio gives sarip heart attacks.


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