7 more days.
and it is a major pity that the guy above does not have any say.
why is this mat so bothered about american politicks anyway?
well, for starters, anything happens there will affect us here.
and why the sudden change of heart from obama?
well, other than obama’s support for israel, it seems that his economic policies will make out for worse than what it is now.
he did vote for that bailout plan anyway.
ron paul does not!
and his policies are so overwhelming true, makes most fear at the possibilities that he can create, given the power.
read his views and judge it for yourself.
this is the man that could possibly be able to rest the conflict in the middle east, save the world’s economy, provide relief for poverty and may even make the world a better place than it is now.
he’s the real captain planet.
it’s so unfortunate that the mass do not hold him up highly.

and reservist is feeling sucky.


sarip never thought he said this – but he now actually like that guy above. credit given when it is due, sarip guessed. after tonight’s match, finally sarip can forgive him for that 2 own goals in ’99. yes, sarip carried that grudge for that long. mebbe, possibly reason why he seems assured this time round is because he’d ditched wearing long-sleeved jerseys. for. the first. time. possibly to throw away a curse. it’s been working so far. but the devil months of nov and dec are historically bad months for pool. hopes! maybe it’s time to change!

but. nice. finally. won. and lampard looks shit. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. -grins- gerard 2010!


since sarip started work at the current place a year ago, the guys will every now and then pop by lil’ india for lunch. got intro’ed to this quaint lil eatery tucked along hindoo road – ghaangothree vegeterian restaurant. and since then sarip’ve been hooked. the place specialises in its chaat dishes but even after times he’d been there, it’s a challenge for sarip to recall the name of the dishes. now it’s time to document!

pani puri.

dokla chaat

dahi popaadi chaat

raj kachori

unfortunately, by the time we wanted to ordered more, the shop’s closing. we didn’t even realised the manager had informed us if we wanted to take any last orders. the food’s too good until like that! from what sarip read, be sure to try the vadaa pav, dahi batata puri, sev puri and ravaa onion dosa (crepe) served with three kinds of chutneys or relishes (fresh coconut, spicy green and spicy red) and sambar.

sarip thinks they do do catering, so it’ll be nice to have a chaat corner yes.