ah yes.

almost every single freaking breathing thing in singapore is eating up the f1 hype. ah congrats. give yourself a pat on the back.

say what?

500 million people will be watching the race but more importantly they’ll be watching the singapore skyline so it’ll create a tourist interest destination. come come to singapore to see our skyline!

oh puhleaseee.

come on. for the sake of the “race / sport” let’s concentrate more on the race rather than the billions of showpiece extravaganza to sell singapore. it’s ok on several levels, but to keep humping on the promotion to sell singapore, and saying it repeatedly TO singapore viewers, can make one squemish.

and who the fuck is that arta who reporter on cna? does that biatch know anything about the gp anyway? she blatantly said the last time she watched was when schumacher won a fewwwwwwwwwwww years ago and am not sure how the race is going on THIS season. in fact, from the number of interviewers and interviewees from singapore keep humping on the schumacher factor. oh come on! can’t you guys do at leasssssssssst do some research on your reports anyway?

speaking of legends, you have a legend in mika hakkinen standing beside lewis hamilton, and yet it seems like no one is bordered to approach him. it’s mika freaking hakkinen oi!

this is the irritating thing about this place. everyone is so caught up to keep up with the hype and moment, they lose interest to whatever happened 5 seconds ago. all are whores to the impending result. let’s say mark webber or robert kubica  or whoever that was never in the spotlight wins the race tomorrow, trust all those rabbit headlight reporters from cna to figure out “which one is the winner and is he from ferrari”? and scramble to meleteh in front of the camera.

but then, maybe sarip should give some credit to the “gahmen” for actually giving this event a go [by spending 150 million us dollars when 10 years ago they snuffed the idea of organising this race because they thought this venture won’t generate much income because i think they were too caught up with france’s world cup victory and so they embarked on the ridiculous 2010 or whatever project]. because of this event, more dollah dollah bling bling will come here and more richie rich will make this their monaco of the east playground and most probably the birthrate will shoot up too. how? well, apparently the surge in demand for social escort services shot up this week. who knows, nine months down the road, singapore might have a f1 baby. bravo, bravo. and those singtel grid girls? let’s bet who’ll take the plunge, yah? -shrivels thinking of that-

but whatever it is, if you guys do want to catch this event next year, sarip suggests turn 2 as the best spot to catch the race. crazy turn that one.

see ya.


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