pimp syam

now with the news of AIG troubles, will my insurance policy be safe? on the other note, if it does crumble, it is with the highest hope that The Scum shall go down with it too! godamn! and oh, temasek seems to be happy with the profit they made after the collapse of merril lynch aye? but still, sarip feels something fishy amongst all these pats in the back fm the singabore media.

If Temasek sells to Bank of America, the Singaporean firm “could walk away with a profit, at least from the July commitment,” Cohen said.

the big question here is IF they are selling it to BOA. and lest be known, what about the investments in citigroup and ubs, both currently struggling in the midst of this financial breakdown. if they do make a profit, will it trickle down to us singaporeans? but if they DO NOT, what price do we have to pay? and who brokered these deals using, probably, OUR money anyway? do we have a say in this?

ah well. better settle down. it’s with the highest luck that sarip had further juice after witnessing the burning train’s latest inspiration.

kok amek amek, malam kupu kupu, siang makan nasi kalau malam minum susu!

damn that pimp syam!


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