sarip’s a sucker for these type of tunes. more here.


sarip’s in a predicament at times when he boarded the trains. you see, there are times ladies [with a tummy] will stand directly in front of him. the dilemma comes in when sarip does not know if this person is either pregnant or she’s just had a tummy, a big one at that. you know the type where some ladies who seem to want to wear tight spandex-y materials but way oblivious to the fact that, yes they are skinny fat and had the unbearable being of a tummy. so what a guy like sarip gotta do? if the person is not pregnant, she might have the embarrassment of this mat thinking she is way fat, but if she is actually pregnant and if sarip does not stand up, sarip’ll feel guilty lah. aiyah so leceh one. can someone develop a system whereby pregnant ladies carry a badge to with a P plate or something. or better still, those skinny fat ones please for the sake of humankind, try to avoid tight dresses.

and please, sarip still does not understand why people, especially the act macho types with spiky hair and accessories, pop up their oh-look-at-my-funky-polo-collars. please. that is so not cool lah. its very the meluat trying so hard to look like a disjointed frat boy.

if not, sarip will get the ninja cat to terrorise ya’all.


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