Gluttons in KL

this is the main excuse for sarip to keep coming back to kl. the oh sungguh delicious nak mampos kueh teow kerang at jalan alor. cheap! oily! dirty! yes, sarip’s kind of fine dining.

best part? they’re open up till the weeeee hours in the morning.

sarip actually intended to borong kain for you know you know lah kan semangat raya nye type, but after awhile, he tak kuasa selik belik along jln masjid india. and so he looked around and somehow bumped into this eatery tucked inside masjid india.

as they say, the crowder the place is, the better the food is. and it did not disappoint.

oh yes. looks plain ‘ol nasi goreng but the taste ooomph giler lah! sarip does not know how they make it better, probably thinking the cook’s sweat drips most likely more pekat. :>

BUT! the bestest part? this arrives in 2 mins FLAT! sarip thought this might’ve be some fishy technique, but apparently ALL the orders for everyone came within 2 mins. crazy!

a few months back, a friend of ain introduced a seafood place secluded deep within bukit bintang. so naturally, we gluttons must go. again.

they say their crabs are the best in town, but sarip does not know how to appreciate them. leceh lah. BUT! the tiger prawns are the werks lah dei. so works, until cannot be bothered to take photos.

and crowded the place is. and amazingly, only ONE uncle was cooking meals for hundreds. and he has a tendency to put up big fireballs. skilling pulak sidini.


the jam was severely bad that day. how bad? to get from sungei besi to klcc apparently took sarip almost 4 hours! funny story he heard: the reason it got so bad that day was a tunnel – called a SMART one at that- closed one of its level for traffic and substituted it to become a makeshift canal to let rainwater to be drained out. it’s so absurd it’s amazingly funny! and it happened the next day too, which is sad as there are many other places to go to but the traffic kills the joy. they say bangkok’s traffic is bad, sarip says kl’s tops everything up.

thankfully, the kuay teow kearang saved sarip from boredom.

pixs here hor.


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