ping ponged

seeing mark richmond pleading to the viewers that it is ok to have foreigners to represent the country – cue the excuse for examples of other athletes – is downright embarrassing. and who in the bright world decided to place the songeh jade seah as a co-presenter?

it feels fine and dandy to have won a medal. but it feels fake. to put it in a comparison, it felt like a lonesome man paying for a prostitute in order to have the pleasure of sex.

who wants to bet with sarip that within 10 years those 3 will not stay here and flee to their “territory” once everything is done and over here?


2 thoughts on “ping ponged

  1. yeah, one of them just got her citizenship in march this yr if i didnt read wrongly.

    simply put too, they were not born n bred here. they didnt go thru the system like the rest of us, so i dont identify with them. sorry, the victory was a hollow one.

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