the meek have spoken

1. sarip doesn’t know about you but sarip feels the whole of kampung glam is polluted with the cliche crowd. the air is so stale, it’s sad. sarip wishes it goes back to the time when the place was still raw and mucky.

2. mega raya courts sale – when idiots run a marketing campaign targeting senseless makciks and pakciks for their credit rebates.

3. sarip tells himself to better read wedding invitation cards properly the next time so as not to go to BOTH places on the same day and BOTH places were either still in preparation or have ended already.

selenger is sarip.

but congrats to aidil and fiz! the meek shall rule the world!

and for old times sake, from the creators of “lord of the beard’.

sarip, the meek, fav_animal. good times.

4. still having fun with the 50.


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