in sarip’s mind, the most confusing tak masuk akal part in the course of “flame wars” are the amusing comments to bring down the person based on his/her looks. how sweet. and yet we always keep telling ourselves beauty is just skin deep.

but let’s just admit it. we put up blogs, read them, analyze them even and everything else in between because we are a fucking bunch of vainpots. we need attention yo!

on another note, sarip loves to read these scandals too lah.

macam syiok!

at least he has another form of entertainment to subdue the loss of not watching dcfc live tmrw. :<


the late henri cartier-bresson used only 50mm lenses for his pixs. none of the mumbo jumbo zoom lenses that’s crying for customers’ dollars these days. inspired lah, so sarip got it to try it out. and it’s cheap too! and the lens are great! the only downside there’s no zoom function thus you have to move around to capture your shot. at least that’ll shake off the lazy photog mood.


try it!


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