National Douche Parade

i can’t understand how “creative” the organizers of the NDP can use that irritating that thing you do song for the publicity commercial that’s been annoying me while waiting for the ever crowded MRT. hellooooo..this is 2008 not 1996. and what has that thing you do has anything to do with national celebration? what did we do??

and don’t get me started on NDP. i incredibly hate that thing. a very bloated party chappati to make excuse the solidarity of the country. blah! and people still complain they cannot get the tickets! oh come on! what is so important about ndp? possibly they think the P is more important than the ND. maybe we should just change the holiday name to just P. can save abit on printing the extra 2 letters. inflation is rising like mad, right?

and speaking of inflation why am i still paying the lift upgrades when my town council has a very bloated extra budget in their coffers? more reason to spit on this ndp. kapala dot lah!

but fuck it, let’s watch some joy division documentary to relieve those bingit feeling.

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.


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