Jikalau Encik Nolan adalah seorang Mat Rawk…

1. Brilliant. Deep. Heavy. Inspiring. Sad.

2. A bit too long for its own good though. Had so much commitment to put everything in together. Better if just concentrate on the 2 main characters. And is it really neccessary to have that masters of the sea guy to be kept in the plot? And people keep appearing and disappearing like, suddenly. Aku pun nak closure jugak lah.

3. Where is the rail system yang so prominent in Begins?

4. For a moment Sarip thought Gary Oldman was dead. So upsetting lah. It’s Gary freaking Oldman leh! The Dracula cannot die! But nasib baik only eksen jer. Brilliant twist lah, so the unexpected!

5. Why must Batman stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil use that barking, hoarse voice?

6. Seems like they used a lot of dogs in this movie.

7. Did not understand much about that action scene of capturing the hostages kat that building. Everything was moving so fast and dark and that sonar images, made Sarip giddy up.

8. Maggie Gyllenhaal died. So no further appearences. :<

9. And still ada ragu ragu was was about that final scene when Gary Oldman [yeay alive!] explaining to his son about the whole concept.

10. Oh and that’s how the truck got overturned. Bayek sial! Plus, be prepared for Mat Scramblers doing the Batpod climb over the wall trick.

11. And the musical score damn effective!

12. Ok lah, favourite Joker moment – when he purposely squeeze out the hand disinfectant before blowing up the hospital. And the gone pencil magic trick. And the hanging upside down moment was fantabulous too.

13. Everyone’s attention is centred onto The Joker, when the real genius and hero in this movie is definately that brilliant Encik Nolan. Someone give him a knight title!


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