Pulau Sapi – Pulau Manukan – KK

Since there was nothing much to do and with time to spare, we decided to head over to visit the islands in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Saw from the pixs looked macam lawa and the best part it’ll take only 20 minutes from KK. That seems to be the greatest news Sarip’ve heard so far since the previous lawa islands he visited – Pha Ngan, Perhentian, Phi Phi Ley, Tinggi – are all ass killers that requires hours of uncomfortable rides.

Set off point is from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, further up north the road from Wisma Merdeka. We chose to go to Pulau Sapi and Manukan. Tix costs RM 27 and the boat will only set off once the desired number of people is completed.

Here’s a tip: When entering the island, tell the counter that you are from Messia and the staff will charge you RM 3 for entrance permit instead of RM 10 required for foreigners. Heh heh.

We chose to drop off to Pulau Sapi first since it looks to be less family orientated than Manukan. Dropped off at the jetty and Sarip’s mouth almost dropped when he looked into the water.

Holy cow mak datok p*** buah laici! At first Sarip thought those were just rocks or algae surrounding the pillars, but were in fact thousands of fishes grouping themselves. And the ikan bilis all looked so cute swimming together in packs. :]

And the water is such crystal clear blue! or turquoise! or green! Amazing! It’s hard to believe that the city is so close by, yet the water can still retain its clarity. And if they say Sipadan is much clearer than this, I don’t know how else to react.

Since time was limited, we just head straight to the water to play with the fishes. Case of note though, lots of spiky stones and corals on the seabed. Saw someone who got hit by one and bleeding maok oi so profusely one. Danger manger.

But still the fishes were so friendly and cute!

And amongst those batches of fish there was this very bright multicolored fish dunnoe what its name but so the action relak jek dont want to eat the bread we are are try to give it. Dah tau eksen lawa step pulak…

But those fishes were so manja that they even want to follow us back to the shore! Pandai pulak.

The beach is short, with rocks combing the other end of the beach. Was enjoying the scenery, nice weather…

…when suddenly one korean guy tak boleh angkat bulu ketiak berlebih was running up and down the beach while his friend recording his “aksi yang sungguh mendebarkan!”

Buatkan spoil mood ajer.

Nasib baik it was time to head off to Pulau Manukan already. A few hours not enough!

And same same different name, we were greeted by cute fishes!

And the fishes looked much bigger here too. There was one batch that looked long and slithery, like eels and seems to bully the rest. Gangster Fish agaknyer lah kan nama dia.

Anyways, Pulau Manukan seems to be more developed than Pulau Sapi.

Even the entrance looked very the resorty type with the typical you-know-daybed-spa look greeting its visitors. Not Sarip kind of thing though.

The island serves chalets. Looks OK lah, but costs a bomb. Even the food is way maccow tak boleh take it. RM 90 for a 2 hour buffet. But we found one that’s half of the price and place quite cozy lah.

But best of all, got 2 very cute cats! Sarip likes!

Sarip thinks we were feeding them more than ourselves. And each time they finished their serving, they’ll look up and will give the oh-so-bloody-cute look that makes you want to awwwwwwwww all day long.

We head to the beach after lunch. Crowd had dwindled, and had the beach almost to ourselves. Fishes are still friendly, but the stones and dead corals were even sharper here! Rent those flippers if you can when swimming here to at least enjoy playing with the fishes.

Started to get dark and time to head back to the mainland. A bit confusing process though, since the previous boatman did not give any receipts and luckily his replacement noticed our life vests. If not tak balik trus kot!

In between the days, we ventured out around KK. Small town, not crowded and not much things to do. But one thing’s for sure, their signs were sure tak masuk akal one.

Sarip confirms you sure go WAHHHH here!

You can even get legally high here! Now who would’ve thought about that!

NASA spent so much to send the Phoenix probe to search for life on Mars, when they’ve should just visit KK to find proof!

And even if you can’t afford, you still die die have to show your wealth!

But the best of the lot was this one, hands down.

You cannot wear your bike’s helmet when entering the bank, but you can PARK your bike inside though!

And apparently KK is so keen on their Shangri-las, they have 3 here. 2 of them original.

And one is not. This is what Sarip calls extreme imitation is the super duper best form of flattery. So if anyone came back from KK and says that they stayed at Hotel Shangri-la, paham paham ajer lah kan.

And probably KK is very environment conscious too. Even TOTO display their results au natruel.

At first lah kan we thought what was the commotion all about. Skali nombor dar!

And the billiard room is energy saving too! Now someone in sg must think of establishing something like this.

But at least the sunset view from the Waterfront Esplanade is very the wow.

We have to admit KK’s eateries were not that good and the prices were incredibly high. Even the locals were talking to us that food prices skyrocketed by almost 50% for the past few months. The only place that we seemed to have any preference to eat was Rainforest Cafe, located along Jalan Gaya. Food not bad, price OK and ambience very nice.

And the only item that strikes Sarip’s chord at the open sea food market was the tiger prawns. Huge and delish! But we seemed to sense that the owner inflating the price of our meal as the locals seemed to pay at a much lower price than ours, even though it’s the same dish. And you can only choose so much as all the items were displayed for all to choose.

But if you still cannot tahan the price, don’t be disappointed.

Because if all things fail, at the end of the day you can get intimate with your COFFEE.

And don’t let me get started about the Pasar Ikan Masin. Expensive loh! RM 55 for one fish. Tank you loh Suhaimi Yusoff for introducing this to the Suria public. Probably your publicity inflated the prices there. Possible tau!

It may look like a dingy market, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. Serious big ticket items packed in small packages are on sale here. At first Sarip gasped thinking it costs RM 75 but terus ketuk kepala when it was actually RM 750. And they just displayed it openly. Respect!

While staying put in KK, we stayed over at Akinabalu Youth Lodge at the end stretch of Jalan Gaya. Great staff, great place, but as said before very light walls. But with that price, it seems reasonable. And the public area seems decent enough, only the computers asik macam hanging and everyone was like queuing up for it. :<

And they have nice window seats where you can watch over the Sunday Market. Nice!

Anyways, after spending about a week in KK, it was time to return back home. And Sarip is already itching to return back to touch base to Sipadan. Damn tempting lah.

See you again soon!

As usual more photos here.


11 thoughts on “Pulau Sapi – Pulau Manukan – KK

  1. eh yah..we also pretend to be mesians so tak yah kena charge lebih! and the islands memang best, esp they are actually so near the main-town! cuma that time we went, manukan was blardy packed!

    i also like kota kinabalu, not bad place for a short trip.. ada mountain, ada snorkelling.

  2. can anyone here solve my question:
    1. how much of the cost for 1 person to go and return from sapi island – manukan island – kk?
    2. is there any locker provided?
    3. is there a schedule for the boat?

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