Whitewater Rafting @ Padas River & Tanjung Aru (Day 6)

Now tell me you go to sabah and kedebak kedebuk and you did not go whitewater rafting at Padas River. FAIL! Heard so much about it so naturally must. go. and. do. it. Nampak sah tak nak kalah nye orang. Haha.

Ok some details. We book the trip via Riverbug. You can book this from your lodge. Fees include transport to and fro, meals and whatever in between. They’ll pick you up around 8 in the morning and muka jangan songeh sangat ‘cos a cameraman will follow you around. [nak promote lagi – they’ll jack up the price for you if you sign up directly with them. sarip can give you discount PLUS get free riverbug tshirt liao!]

Anyways, Padas River is categorized as category 4 river. Looking at the vids, Sarip was thinking betul ke tak betul ni anak nak pergi nih? Macam rabak jer. And the water so coklat, how come dia panggil “whitewater”? But ok lah, buat ajer nak experience.

Anyways, the Riverbug crew will pick you and drive towards Tenom town. Previously, the journey will start from Beaufort town but since the Borneo Railway is out of service 😦 we have to take the alternate route. And we entered from this Hydro Dam. High security. Cannot take picture. Kena marah.

And how do we get from here to the starting point of the rafting thing? Well, simply by this.

Whoa cool! Sarip does not know what it is officially called, but heard it’s called the Flinstone Trolley. You’ll sit on the planks and a “pilot” will push the plank via that long pole. Don’t be fooled by the sight of this. This thing can go damn fast!

Ok obligatory photo op!

Holy shit am I’m looking more and more like George Costanza each passing day…

Anyways, the journey will take you about 45 minutes.And it’s not bumpy at all! And pity for the pakcik. Of all people, they have to take me. Struggling like mad to push the cart halfway through. :E

Reached the starting point. River still looks calm. Demonstration by the crew. Cool guys. Found a toad in the jacket. Shriek! And a chicken stole our papaya. And the video guy was still recording everything.

There were 6 of us in the boat. Sat this couple whom the guy looked strangely familiar. And dunno why, but Sarip volunteered to sit in front.

And sore legs still, Sarip felt damn uncomfortable lah, twisting here and there and no arm strength to paddle. And from afar, we can already see the rapids forming. Don’t know which one, but their names are sungguh tak masuk akal. Lambada? Washing machine? COBRA HEAD? But the most tak boleh angkat is scooby doo. Awoooooo.

Seeing the videos, one thing that keeps sticking into Sarip’s head was the raft overturning. So all the way lah kancheong mancheong. The trick is, in theory lah, to paddle as hard as possible when facing the big waves. And big it is, sometimes coming in about a metre plus. And Sarip has this strange feeling the crew is trying to overturn us ‘cos they were like pointing here, pointing there and Sarip can sense those were the popular spots to get overturned. Hah, but they didn’t. Fail!

After coming across a few rapids, we stopped for lunch. And surprisingly it was good! And not surprisingly it finished damn fast! And the cat keeps begging for food. 😐

The crew told us that the video and official photographs can be purchased. The video and photos looked nice, capturing all the actions that we performed so we can keep it and put up in every single social networking sites so that our friends’ neighbours’ classmates’ cat can go “FUHYOH!” But then the bummer of the price macam turn off habis habisan. RM 100 for the vid and RM 50 for ONE pix. Mak oi, mahek tuh jang oi. So naturally we didn’t take it. Damnit.

And so Sarip had only this to show off one of the rapids.

Tak stim langsung.

Anyways after lunch, we covered a few more rapids. About 1.5 hours, around 9 km long. Ok lah, satisfied. A motorboat picked us up and about 30 minutes later we reached Beaufort town for the transport back.

We requested to drop off at Tanjung Aru though. Tucked away on the outskirts of KK, heard it’s a nice place to chill out, away from the hustle and bustle of the KK tourist crowd, and some say got vair nice sunsets. Only thing is, we have no clue how to return back from there. Heh.

Tanjung Aru’s beach is naaaaaice. Long stretches, lots of hermit crabs, very few people.

And rainbows too!

We decided to have dinner there, all the way to the right side of the beach. And no public transport. Uh oh.

Anyways, food is so so, but the local drinks smack daddy sungguh lemak dan berkhasiat nye power.

And did Sarip tell you too that he heard Tanjung Aru had very nice sunsets? Apparently it is true.

Ok lah, even though it’s HDR, but still! Terbeliak mata skejap!

Soon after dinner, it started to rain. And dark. And full and bloated. And the manager said no taxis come through his place. So we had to walk along that suddenly eerie and lonely and dark beach to go to the main meeting point of Tanjung Aru. Ah tuh lah padan muka nak get away from the crowds, kang nak balik susah oi! But itsa ok, experience nye pasal. Took the cab and it seems that the cabs we took macam standard price like that. All say RM 20 . Ah ok lah. We were just looking forward for the next day activity that’s all.

Oh there are some photos kat itu multiply.

Ok bye.


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