can’t smile without yewww…

if watching movies is the equivalent to having a meal, let’s simply put hellboy 2 as the appetizer, the dark knight [ONE MORE WEEK!] as the main course and wall-e as the dessert.

hellboy 2 was fun! fun! fun! categorically speaking, i enjoyed it more than iron man or the expected disappointment that is hulk. the sword-spear-play! incest twins! hot literally hot selma blair! the big baby! and johann krausssssss. but sadly no agent john mayers or the super cool kroenan.

but some parts i just don’t get it. the first part felt waaaaaaaaay too much like men in black. and where and when the hell did that crab creature came out from? like suddenly, the next frame -pop!- he appears after our heroes walk for miles and not see a single living thing in sight. and how in the world did the incest twins appear at the golden army’s throne, like suddenly? and what was the angel of death talking about dar dei..?

now bring on the hobbit….in like 4 years taim….


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